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2009An Imprint method for detecting leptospires in the hamster model of vaccine-mediated immunity for leptospirosisChagas Júnior, Adenizar Delgado das; McBride, Alan John Alexander; Athanazio, Daniel Abensur; Figueira, Cláudio Pereira; Medeiros, Marco Alberto; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Ko, Albert Icksang; McBride, Flávia Weykamp da Cruzopen accessArticle
2007The terminal portion of leptospiral immunoglobulin-like protein LigA confers protective immunity against lethal infection in the hamster model of leptospirosisSilva, Everton Fagonde da; Medeiros, Marco Alberto; McBride, Alan John Alexander; Matsunaga, Jim; Esteves, Gabriela dos Santos; Ramos, João Gabriel Rosa; Santos, Cleiton Silva; Croda, Júlio Henrique Rosa; Homma, Akira; Dellagostin, Odir Antonio; Haake, David A.; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Ko, Albert Icksangopen accessArticle
2008Pressure-inactivated yellow fever 17DD virus: implications for vaccine developmentGaspar, Luciane P.; Mendes, Ygara S.; Yamamura, Anna M. Y.; Almeida, Luiz F. C.; Caride, Elena; Gonçalves, Rafael B.; Silva, Jerson L.; Oliveira, Andréa C.; Galler, Ricardo; Freire, Marcos S.restricted accessArticle
2003Comparative sequence analysis of the P-, M- and L-coding region of the measles virus CAM-70 live attenuated vaccine strainSantos, P. R.; Azevedo, M. L. B.; Borges, M. B. J.; Freire, M. S.; Nascimento, J. P.; Moraes, M. T. accessArticle
2002Low frequency of side effects following an incidental 25 times concentrated dose of yellow fever vaccineRabello, Ana Lucia Teles; Andrade, Marcela Orsini; Disch, Jolande; Amaral, Tania Maria Marcial; Leal, Maria da Luz Fernandes; Freire, Marcos da Silva; Yamamura, Anna Maya Yoshida; Viana, Angeloopen accessArticle
2002Potency control of diphtheria component in adsorbed vaccines by in vitro neutralization testsMarcovistz, Rugimar; Matos, Denise C. S.; Georgini, Ricardo A.; Sakauchi, Dircerestricted accessArticle
2008Accuracy and repeatability of a micro plaque reduction neutralization test for vaccinia antibodiesBorges, Maria Beatriz J.; Kato, Sayuri E.M.; Damaso, Clarissa R. A.; Moussatché, Nissin; Freire, Marcos da Silva; Passos, Sonia Regina Lambert; Nascimento, Jussara Pereira dorestricted accessArticle
2000RFLP patterns and risk factors for recent tuberculosis transmission among hospitalized tuberculosis patients in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilFandinho, Fátima C. O.; Kritski, Afrânio Lineu; Hofer, Cristina Barroso; Conde Júnior, H.; Ferreira, Rosa Maria Carvalho; Saad, Maria Helena Féres; Silva, Marlei Gomes; Riley, Lee; Fonseca, Leila S. de Souzarestricted accessArticle
2009TLR expression and NK cell activation after human yellow fever vaccinationNeves, Patrícia Cristina da Costa; Matos, Denise Cristina de Souza; Marcovistz, Rugimar; Galler, Ricardorestricted accessArticle
2007Human immunodeficiency virus-1 subtypes and antiretroviral drug resistance profiles among drug-naïve Brazilian blood donorsSá-Ferreira, José Antonio; Brindeiro, Patrícia Alvarez; Chequer-Fernandez, Saada; Tanuri, Amilcar; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalvesopen accessArticle