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2009Effects of hydrostatic pressure on the stability and thermostability of poliovirus: a new method for vaccine preservationFerreira, Evanilce; Mendes, Ygara S.; Silva, Jerson L.; Galler, Ricardo; Oliveira, Andréa C.; Freire, Marcos S.; Gaspar, Luciane accessArticle
2015A DNA vaccine against yellow fever virus: development and evaluationMaciel Júnior, Milton; Cruz, Fábia da Silva Pereira; Cordeiro, Marli Tenório; Motta, Márcia Archer da; Cassemiro, Klécia Marília Soares de Melo; Maia, Rita de Cássia Carvalho; Figueiredo, Regina Célia Bressan Queiroz de; Galler, Ricardo; Freire, Marcos da Silva; August, Joseph Thomas; Marques, Ernesto T. A.; Dhalia, Raphaelopen accessArticle
2014The yellow fever 17D virus as a platform for new live attenuated vaccinesBonaldo, Myrna C.; Sequeira, Patrícia C.; Galler, Ricardoopen accessArticle
2005Production of yellow fever 17DD vaccine virus in primary culture of chicken embryo fibroblasts: yields, thermo and genetic stability, attenuation and immunogenicityFreire, Marcos S.; Mann, George F.; Marchevsky, Renato S.; Yamamura, Anna M.Y.; Almeida, Luiz F. C.; Jabor, Alfredo V.; Malachias, José M. N.; Coutinho, Evandro S. F.; Galler, Ricardoopen accessArticle
2014Experimental design approach in recombinant protein expression: determining medium composition and induction conditions for expression of pneumolysin from Streptococcus pneumoniae in Escherichia coli and preliminary purification processMarini, Guillermo; Luchese, Mateus Dalcin; Argondizzo, Ana Paula Correa; Góes, Ana Carolina de; Galler, Ricardo; Alves, Tito Lívio Moitinho; Medeiros, Marco Alberto; Larentis, Ariane Leitesopen accessArticle
2010CD8+ gamma-delta TCR+ and CD4+ T cells produce IFN-γ at 5-7 days after yellow fever vaccination in Indian rhesus macaques, before the induction of classical antigen-specific T cell responsesNeves, Patrícia C. C.; Rudersdorf, Richard A.; Galler, Ricardo; Bonaldo, Myrna C.; Santana, Marlon Gilsepp Veloso de; Mudd, Philip A.; Martins, Maurício A.; Rakasz, Eva G.; Wilson, Nancy A.; Watkins, David accessArticle
2012Optimization of medium formulation and seed conditions for expression of mature PsaA (pneumococcal surface adhesin A) in Escherichia coli using a sequential experimental design strategy and response surface methodologyLarentis, Ariane Leites; Nicolau, Júlia Fabiana Monteiro Quintal; Argondizzo, Ana Paula Corrêa; Galler, Ricardo; Rodrigues, Maria Isabel; Medeiros, Marco Albertorestricted accessArticle
2009TLR expression and NK cell activation after human yellow fever vaccinationNeves, Patrícia Cristina da Costa; Matos, Denise Cristina de Souza; Marcovistz, Rugimar; Galler, Ricardorestricted accessArticle
2008Pressure-inactivated yellow fever 17DD virus: implications for vaccine developmentGaspar, Luciane P.; Mendes, Ygara S.; Yamamura, Anna M. Y.; Almeida, Luiz F. C.; Caride, Elena; Gonçalves, Rafael B.; Silva, Jerson L.; Oliveira, Andréa C.; Galler, Ricardo; Freire, Marcos S.restricted accessArticle
2006Molecular and phenotypic analysis of a working seed lot of yellow fever virus 17DD vaccine strain produced from the secondary seed lot 102/84 with an additional passage in chicken embryosMarchevsky, Renato S.; Leal, Maria da Luz; Homma, Akira; Coutinho, Evandro S. F.; Camacho, Luis A. B.; Jabor, Alfredo V.; Galler, Ricardo; Freire, Marcos S.restricted accessArticle