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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2017Plurality of Leptospira strains on slaughtered animals suggest a broader concept of adaptability of leptospires to cattlePinto, Priscila S.; Pestana, Cristiane; Medeiros, Marco A.; Lilenbaum, Walterrestricted accessArticle
2015A multilocus variable number tandem repeat analysis assay provides high discrimination for genotyping Leptospira santarosai strainsHamond, Camila; Pinna, Melissa; Medeiros, Marco Alberto; Bourhy, Pascale; Lilenbaum, Walter; Picardeau, Mathieurestricted accessArticle
2014Identification of immunodominant antigens in canine leptospirosis by Multi-Antigen Print ImmunoAssay (MAPIA)Thomé, Sabrina; Lessa-Aquino, Carolina; Ko, Albert Icksang; Lilenbaum, Walter; Medeiros, Marco Albertoopen accessArticle
2015Presence of leptospires on genital tract of mares with reproductive problemsHamond, Camila; Pestana, Cristiane P.; Souza, Cláudio Marcos Rocha de; Cunha, Luis Eduardo R.; Brandão, Felipe Z.; Medeiros, Marco Alberto; Lilenbaum, Walteropen accessArticle
2016Genotyping of Leptospira directly in urine samples of cattle demonstrates a diversity of species and strains in BrazilHamond, Camila Regua Motta Reis; Pestana, Cristiane Pinheiro; Medeiros, Marco A.; Lilenbaum, Walteropen accessArticle
2018Characterization of the clonal subpopulation Fiocruz L1-130 of Leptospira interrogans in rats and dogs from BrazilJaeger, Lauren Hubert; Pestana, Cristiane Pinheiro; Costa, Filipe Anibal Carvalho; Medeiros, Marco Alberto; Lilenbaum, Walterrestricted accessAudio