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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
1992Bioprótese traquealPinto, Marcelo Alves; Gardoso, Ghendy; Marchevisk, Renato Sergio; Silva, Adjelton Soares eopen accessArticle
1990Functional and antigenic properties of the major cysteine proteinase (GP57/51) of Trypanosoma cruziMeirelles, M. N. L.; Juliano, L.; Carmona, E.; Costa, E. M.; Silva, S. G.; Lima, A. T. V. C.; Arnholdt, A. V.; Leme, V. M. C.; Guimarães, E. S. P.; Berro, O. J.; Scharfstein, accessArticle
1992Use of MAC-ELISA for evaluation of yellow fever vaccinationNogueira, Rita M.; Schatzmayr, Hermann G.; Miagostovich, Marize. P.; Cavalcanti, Silvia M. B.; Carvalho, Ricardo deopen accessArticle
1990Use of recombinant antigens for the diagnosis of Chagas disease and blood bank screeningAlmeida, Elza; Krieger, Marco Aurélio Marco; Carvalho, Maria Ruth; Oelemann, Walter; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
1992A Brazilian hepatitis A virus isolated and adapted in primate and primate cell line as a chance for the development of a vaccineGaspar, A. M.; Vitral, C. L.; Marchevsky, R. S.; Yoshida, C, F, T,; Schatzmayr, Hermann accessArticle
1991Glycosylation and secretion of yellow fever virus nonstructural protein NS1Post, Paulo R.; Carvalho, Ricardo; Galler, Ricardorestricted accessArticle
1996Biological characterization of clones derived from the Edmonston strain of measles virus in comparison with Schwarz and CAM-70 vaccine strainsBorges, Maria Beatriz Junqueira; Mann, George F.; Freire, Marcos da Silvaopen accessArticle