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2008Detection of TH1/TH2 cytokine signatures in yellow fever 17DD first-time vaccinees through ELISpot assaySantos, A. P.; Matos, D. C. S.; Bertho, A. L.; Mendonça, S. C. F.; Marcovistz, R.restricted accessArticle
2006Molecular and phenotypic analysis of a working seed lot of yellow fever virus 17DD vaccine strain produced from the secondary seed lot 102/84 with an additional passage in chicken embryosMarchevsky, Renato S.; Leal, Maria da Luz; Homma, Akira; Coutinho, Evandro S. F.; Camacho, Luis A. B.; Jabor, Alfredo V.; Galler, Ricardo; Freire, Marcos S.restricted accessArticle
2016Molecular Characterization and Serology of Leptospira kirschneri (Serogroup Grippotyphosa) Isolated from Urine of a Mare Post-Abortion in BrazilHamond, C.; Martins, G.; Bremont, S.; Medeiros, M.A.; Bourhy, P.; Lilenbaum, accessArticle
2016Saccharomyces cerevisiae asparaginase II, a potential antileukemic drug: Purification and characterization of the enzyme expressed in Pichia pastorisGirão, Luciana Facchinetti de Castro; Rocha, Surza Lucia Gonçalves da; Sobral, Ricardo Sposina; Bom, Ana Paula Dinis Ano; Sampaio, André Luiz Franco; Silva, José Godinho da; Ferrara, Maria Antonieta; Bon, Elba Pinto da Silva; Perales, Jonasrestricted accessArticle
2012Evaluation of an ELISA for canine leishmaniasis immunodiagnostic using recombinant proteinsSouza, C. M. de; Silva, E. D.; Ano Bom, A. P.; Bastos, R. C.; Nascimento, H. J.; Silva Junior, J. G. darestricted accessArticle
2009TLR expression and NK cell activation after human yellow fever vaccinationNeves, Patrícia Cristina da Costa; Matos, Denise Cristina de Souza; Marcovistz, Rugimar; Galler, Ricardorestricted accessArticle
2015A multilocus variable number tandem repeat analysis assay provides high discrimination for genotyping Leptospira santarosai strainsHamond, Camila; Pinna, Melissa; Medeiros, Marco Alberto; Bourhy, Pascale; Lilenbaum, Walter; Picardeau, Mathieurestricted accessArticle
2012Optimization of medium formulation and seed conditions for expression of mature PsaA (pneumococcal surface adhesin A) in Escherichia coli using a sequential experimental design strategy and response surface methodologyLarentis, Ariane Leites; Nicolau, Júlia Fabiana Monteiro Quintal; Argondizzo, Ana Paula Corrêa; Galler, Ricardo; Rodrigues, Maria Isabel; Medeiros, Marco Albertorestricted accessArticle
2014Identification of immunodominant antigens in canine leptospirosis by Multi-Antigen Print ImmunoAssay (MAPIA)Thomé, Sabrina; Lessa-Aquino, Carolina; Ko, Albert Icksang; Lilenbaum, Walter; Medeiros, Marco Albertoopen accessArticle
2012A Theiler’s virus BeAn strain shows a persistent profile of BHK-21 cell infection as determined by genome detection using real-time RT-PCR and expression of L* proteinVelloso, Alvaro Jorge; Silva Junior, Haroldo Cid da; Santos, Eneida Almeida; Baroni, Eliane Barbosa; Moraes, Marcia Terezinha Baroni derestricted accessArticle