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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2008Pressure-inactivated yellow fever 17DD virus: implications for vaccine developmentGaspar, Luciane P.; Mendes, Ygara S.; Yamamura, Anna M. Y.; Almeida, Luiz F. C.; Caride, Elena; Gonçalves, Rafael B.; Silva, Jerson L.; Oliveira, Andréa C.; Galler, Ricardo; Freire, Marcos S.restricted accessArticle
2015An inactivated yellow fever 17DD vaccine cultivated in Vero cell culturesPereira, Renata C.; Silva, Andrea N. M. R.; Souza, Marta Cristina O.; Silva, Marlon V.; Neves, Patrícia P. C. C.; Silva, Andrea A. M. V.; Matos, Denise D. C. S.; Herrera, Miguel A. O.; Yamamura, Anna M. Y.; Freire, Marcos S.; Gaspar, Luciane P.; Caride, Elenaopen accessArticle
2014Development of a membrane adsorber based capture step for the purification of yellow fever virusPato, Tânia P.; Souza, Marta Cristina O.; Silva, Andréa N. M. R; Pereira, Renata C.; Silva, Marlon V.; Caride, Elena; Gaspar, Luciane P.; Freire, Marcos S.; Castilho, Leda accessArticle