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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2002Low frequency of side effects following an incidental 25 times concentrated dose of yellow fever vaccineRabello, Ana Lucia Teles; Andrade, Marcela Orsini; Disch, Jolande; Amaral, Tania Maria Marcial; Leal, Maria da Luz Fernandes; Freire, Marcos da Silva; Yamamura, Anna Maya Yoshida; Viana, Angeloopen accessArticle
2012Evaluation of accuracy and reliability of the plaque reduction neutralization test (micro-PRNT) in detection of yellow fever virus antibodiesSimões, Marisol; Camacho, Luiz Antonio B.; Yamamura, Anna M.Y.; Miranda, Emily Hime; Cajaraville, Ana Carolina R. A.; Freire, Marcos da Silvaopen accessArticle
2008Evidence for interferon production and its correlation with YF 17DD vaccine virus yields in primary chick embryo cellsCaride, Elena; Borges, Maria Beatriz Junqueira; Marcovistz, Rugimar; Galler, Ricardo; Freire, Marcos da Silvarestricted accessArticle