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2018Carapa guianensis Aublet (Andiroba) Seed Oil: Chemical Composition and Antileishmanial Activity of Limonoid-Rich FractionsOliveira, Iara dos Santos da Silva; Tellis, Carla Junqueira Moragas; Chagas, Maria do Socorro dos Santos; Behrens, Maria Dutra; Calabrese, Kátia da Silva; Silva, Ana Lucia Abreu; Souza, Fernando Almeidaopen accessArticle
2019Agile Method of Qualification for Equipment at Pharmaceutical Industry of Biotechnology: A Case Study at Bio-Manguinhos ‘s Henrique Penna CenterMenezes, Thiago Jorge Teixeira; Gomes, Carlos Francisco Simões; Junior, Walter Alexandre dos Santos; Magalhães, Jorge; Ferreira, Gabriel Castro Ribeiroopen accessPapers presented at events