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Title: Equipment for water macroinvertebrate subsampling
???metadata.dc.contributor.inventor???: Darcilio Fernandes Baptista
Riccardo Mugnai
Renata Bley de Oliveira
Affilliation: Fundação Oswaldo Cruz. Instituto Oswaldo Cruz. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.
???metadata.dc.identifier.sharewith???: Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
???metadata.dc.identifier.ndeposito???: CA2803649
??? 2012-12-21
???metadata.dc.identifier.ndepositoprior???: PI1003910-4
???metadata.dc.identifier.npublicacao???: CA2803649 A1
Abstract: The present application aims at the performance of biomonitoring without requiring large sample volumes. Sampling in an aquatic environment is performed using an equipment comprising a tray provided with a tap and housing a perforated tray partitioned into 24 parts by a partitioning element. The equipment is positioned at the surface so as to allow the substrate to enter inside the tray, undesirable material is removed and excess water is drained before anesthetics are added and the contents are partitioned by the partitioning element. To end the process, the anesthetic solution is drained, and the substrates in the quadrats are collected and conditioned. The equipment may be optionally provided with legs.
???metadata.dc.identifier.ipc???: A01M23/02
???metadata.dc.description.deposito???: Brasil
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: BAPTISTA, Darcilio Fernandes; MUGNAI, Riccardo; OLIVEIRA, Renata Bley de. Equipment for water macroinvertebrate subsampling. CA2803649 A1, 21 dez. 2012. 45p.
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