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2016The NtrY–NtrX two-component system is involved in controlling nitrate assimilation in Herbaspirillum seropedicae strain SmR1Bonato, Paloma; Alves, Lysangela Ronalte; Osaki, Juliana H.; Rigo, Liu U.; Pedrosa, Fabio O.; Souza, Emanuel M.; Zhang, Nan; Schumacher, Jorg; Buck, Martin; Wassem, Roseli; Chubatsu, Leda accessArticle
2013mRNA localization mechanisms in Trypanosoma cruziAlves, Lysangela Ronalte; Guerra-Slompo, Eloise P.; de Oliveira, Arthur V.; Malgarin, Juliane S.; Goldenberg, Samuel; Dallagiovanna, Brunoopen accessArticle
2015Eukaryotic translation elongation factor-1 alpha is associated with a specific subset of mRNAs in Trypanosoma cruziAlves, Lysangela Ronalte; Antes, Camila Olieira; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2014The mRNAs associated to a zinc finger protein from Trypanosoma cruzi shift during stress conditionsAlves, Lysangela Ronalte; Oliveira, Camila; Mörking, Patricia Alves; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Martins, Sharon Toledo; Romagnoli, Bruno Accioly Alves; Marchini, Fabricio Kerrynton; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2017RNA-binding proteins and their role in the regulation of gene expression in Trypanosoma cruzi and Saccharomyces cerevisiaeOliveira, Camila; Faoro, Helisson; Alves, Lysangela Ronalte; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2016RNA-binding proteins related to stress response and differentiation in protozoaAlves, Lysangela Ronalte; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2015Extracellular vesicle-mediated export of fungal RNASilva, Roberta Peres da; Goncalves, Rosana Elisa; Rodrigues, Marcio L.; Oliveira, Débora L.; Joffe, Luna S.; César, Gabriele V.; Nimrchter, Leonardo; Goldenberg, Samuel; Alves, Lysangela Ronalteopen accessArticle
2014Characterization of the pattern of ribosomal protein L19 production during the lifecycle of Leishmania sppde Almeida-Bizzo, Janayna Hammes; Alves, Lysangela Ronalte; Castro, Felipe F.; Garcia, Juliana Bório Ferreira; Goldenberg, Samuel; Cruz, Angela Kayselopen accessArticle
2016The role of the Trypanosoma Cruzi TcNRBD1 Protein in translationOliveira, Camila; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Alves, Lysangela Ronalte; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2018Golgi Reassembly and Stacking Protein (GRASP) participates in vesicle-mediated RNA export in cryptococcus neoformansSilva, Roberta Peres da; Martins, Sharon de Toledo; Rizzo, Juliana; Reis, Flavia C. G. dos; Joffe, Luna S.; Vainstein, Marilene; Kmetzsch, Livia; Oliveira, Débora L.; Puccia, Rosana; Goldenberg, Samuel; Rodrigues, Marcio L.; Alves, Lysangela Ronalteopen accessArticle