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2014Isolation and molecular characterization of a major hemolymph serpin from the triatomine, Panstrongylus megistusMoreira, Carlos J. C.; Waniek, Peter J.; Valente, Richard H.; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Perales, Jonas; Feder, Denise; Geraldo, Reinaldo B.; Castro, Helena C.; Azambuja, Patricia; Ratcliffe, Norman A.; Mello, Cícero accessArticle
2014Proteome Analysis of the Inner Integument from Developing Jatropha curcas L. SeedsSoares, Emanoella L.; Shah, Mohibullah; Soares, Arlete A.; Costa, José H.; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Domont, Gilberto B.; Nogueira, Fábio Cesar Sousa; Campos, Francisco A. P.restricted accessArticle
2015A scoring model for phosphopeptide site localization and its impact on the question of whether to use MSAFischer, Juliana de Saldanha da Gama; Santos, Marlon D. M. dos; Marchini, Fabrício Klerynton; Barbosa, Valmir Carneiro; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Zanchin, Nilson Ivo Toninopen accessArticle
2015Integrated analysis of shotgun proteomic data with PatternLab for proteomics 4.0.Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Lima, Diogo Borges; Leprevost, Felipe da Veiga; Santos, Marlon D. M. dos; Fischer, Juliana de Saldanha da Gama; Aquino, Priscila Ferreira de; Moresco, James J.; Yates, John R.; Barbosa, Valmir Carneiroopen accessArticle
2007Máquina de agrupamento por elipsóide: uma linha de frente para auxiliar no diagnóstico de doençasCarvalho, Paulo Costa; Fischer, Juliana de Saldanha Gama; Barbosa, Valmir Carneiro; Domont, Gilberto Barbosa; Degrave, Wim Maurits Sylvain; Carvalho, Maria da Gloria da Costaopen accessArticle
2016An evaluation of the crystal structure of C-Terminal Truncated Apolipoprotein A-I in solution reveals structural dinamics related to Lipid BindingMelchior, John T.; Walker, Ryan G.; Morris, Jamie; Jones, Martin K.; Segrest, Jere P.; Lima, Diogo Borges; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Gozzo, Fabio C.; Castleberry, Mark; Thompson, Thomas B.; Davidson, W. Seanopen accessArticle
2016A Time-Based and Intratumoral Proteomic Assessment of a Recurrent Glioblastoma MultiformeAquino, Priscila Ferreira de; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Nogueira, Fábio Cesar Sousa; Fonseca, Clóvis Orlando da; Silva, Júlio Cesar Thomé de Souza; Carvalho, Maria da Gloria da Costa; Domont, Gilberto B.; Zanchin, Nilson Ivo Tonin; Fischer, Juliana de Saldanha da Gamaopen accessArticle
2015Seeing beyond the tip of the iceberg: A deep analysis of the venome of the Brazilian Rattlesnake, Crotalus durissus terrificusMelani, Rafael D.; Araujo, Gabriel D.T.; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Goto, Livia; Nogueira, Fábio Cesar Sousa; Junqueira, Magno; Domont, Gilberto accessArticle
2017A multi-protease, multi-dissociation, bottom-up-to-top-down proteomic view of the Loxosceles intermedia venomTrevisan-Silva, Dilza; Bednaski, Aline V.; Fischer, Juliana de Saldanha da Gama; Veiga, Silvio S; Bandeira, Nuno; Guthals, Adrian; Marchini, Fabrício Klerynton; Leprevost, Felipe da Veiga; Barbosa, Valmir Carneiro; Senff-Ribeiro, Andrea; Carvalho, Paulo Costaopen accessArticle
2014Expression of the mevalonate pathway enzymes in the Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae) sex pheromone gland demonstrated by an integrated proteomic approachGonzález-Caballero, Natalia; Rodríguez-Vega, Andrés; Dias-Lopes, G.; Valenzuela, J. G.; Ribeiro, J. M.; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Valente, Richard Hemmi; Brazil, R. P.; Cuervo, accessArticle