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2017Downregulation of the protein synthesis machinery is a major regulatory event during early adipogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stromal cellsMarcon, Bruna Hilzendeger; Holetz, Fabíola Barbieri; Eastman, Guillermo; Origa-Alves, Ana Carolina; Amorós, Mariana Andrea; Aguiar, Alessandra Melo de; Rebelatto, Carmen Lúcia Kuniyoshi; Brofman, Paulo Roberto Slud; Sotelo-Silveira, Jose; Dallagiovanna, Brunoopen accessArticle
2013Inhibition of Hedgehog signaling pathway affects the expression of miR-20a and miR-3Roberge, Luciana; Origa-Alves, Ana Carolina; Rebelatto, Carmen Lúcia Kuniyoshi; Dallagiovanna, Bruno; Shigunov, Patríciaopen accessArticle
2013mRNA localization mechanisms in Trypanosoma cruziAlves, Lysangela Ronalte; Guerra-Slompo, Eloise P.; Oliveira, Arthur V. de; Malgarin, Juliane Soldi; Goldenberg, Samuel; Dallagiovanna, Brunoopen accessArticle
2015Ribosome profiling reveals translation control as a key mechanism generating differential gene expression in Trypanosoma cruziSmircich, Pablo; Eastman, Guillermo; Bispo, Saloe; Duhagon, María Ana; Guerra-Slompo, Eloise P.; Garat, Beatriz; Goldenberg, Samuel; Munroe, David J.; Dallagiovanna, Bruno; Holetz, Fabíola Barbieri; Sotelo-Silveira, Joseopen accessArticle
2019Cardiomyogenic differentiation is fine-tuned by differential mRNA association with polysomesPereira, Isabela Tiemy; Spangenberg, Lucia; Robert, Anny Waloski; Amorín, Rocío; Stimamiglio, Marco Augusto; Naya, Hugo; Dallagiovanna, Brunoopen accessArticle
2016Metabolic switches during the first steps of adipogenic Stem Cells differentiationDrehmer, Daiana Leila; Aguiar, Alessandra Melo de; Brandt, Anna Paula; Petiz, Lyvia; Cadena, Sílvia Maria Suter Correia; Rebelatto, Carmem K; Brofman, Paulo Roberto Slud; Filipak Neto, Francisco; Dallagiovanna, Bruno; Abud, Ana Paula Ressettiopen accessArticle
2014Polysome profiling shows the identity of human adipose-derived stromal/stem cells in detail and clearly distinguishes them from dermal fibroblastsZych, Jaiesa; Spangenberg, Lucia; Stimamiglio, Marco Augusto; Abud, Ana Paula Ressetti; Shigunov, Patrícia; Marchini, Fabricio; Kuligovski, Crisciele; Cofré, Axel R.; Schittini, Andressa V.; Aguiar, Alessandra Melo de; Senegaglia, Alexandra Cristina; Brofman, Paulo Roberto Slud; Goldenberg, Samuel; Dallagiovanna, Bruno; Naya, Hugo; Dominguez, Alejandro Correaopen accessArticle
2013Células-tronco adultas humanas para ensaios de citotoxicidade: uma alternativa aos ensaios animaisAguiar, Alessandra Melo de; Kuligovski, Crisciele; Moraes, Elizabeth de; Abud, Ana Paula Ressetti; Zych, Jaiesa; Reus, Thamile; Dallagiovanna, Brunoopen accessPapers presented at events
2019Cell cycle genes are downregulated after adipogenic triggering in human adipose tissue-derived stem cells by regulation of mRNA abundanceMarcon, Bruna Hilzendeger; Shigunov, Patrícia; Spangenberg, Lucia; Pereira, Isabela Tiemy; Aguiar, Alessandra Melo de; Amorín, Rocío; Rebelatto, Carmen Lúcia Kuniyoshi; Dominguez, Alejandro Correa; Dallagiovanna, Brunoopen accessArticle
2014Stem Cells and the Translational Control of Differentiation: Following the Ribosome FootprintsShigunov, Patrícia; Dallagiovanna, Bruno; Holetz, Fabíola Barbieriopen accessArticle