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2013Assessment of Leishmanicidal and Trypanocidal activities of Aliphatic Diamine derivativesYamanaka, Celina N.; Giordani, Raquel B.; Rezende, Celso O.; Eger, Iriane; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Tonini, Maiko L.; Moraes, Milene H. de; Araújo, Debora P.; Zuanazzi, Jose A.; Almeida, Mauro V. de; Steindel, Marioopen accessArticle
2014The mRNAs associated to a zinc finger protein from Trypanosoma cruzi shift during stress conditionsAlves, Lysangela Ronalte; Oliveira, Camila; Mörking, Patricia Alves; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Martins, Sharon Toledo; Romagnoli, Bruno Accioly Alves; Marchini, Fabricio Kerrynton; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2015Trypanosoma cruzi intracellular amastigotes isolated by nitrogen decompression are capable of endocytosis and cargo storage in reservosomesBatista, Cassiano Martin; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Eger, Iriane; Soares, Maurilio Joséopen accessArticle
2017Knockout of the gamma subunit of the AP-1 adaptor complex in the human parasite Trypanosoma cruzi impairs infectivity and differentiation and prevents the maturation and targeting of the major protease cruzipainMoreira, Claudia Maria do Nascimento; Batista, Cassiano Martin; Fernandes, Jessica Chimenes; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Soares, Maurilio José; Fragoso, Stenio Perdigãoopen accessArticle
2013Stage-regulated GFP expression in Trypanosoma cruzi: applications from host-parasite interactions to drug screeningKessler, Rafael Luis; Gradia, Daniela Fiori; Rampazzo, Rita de Cassia Pontello; Lourenço, Edio Elıgio; Fidêncio, Nilson José; Manhaes, Lauro; Probst, Christian Macagnan; Ávila, Andréa Rodrigues; Fragoso, Stenio Perdigãoopen accessArticle
2013Trypanosoma cruzi response to Sterol Biosynthesis Inhibitors: morphophysiological alterations leading to cell deathKessler, Rafael Luis; Soares, Maurilio José; Probst, Christian Macagnan; Krieger, Marco Aurélioopen accessArticle
2016Colonization of Rhodnius prolixus gut by Trypanosoma cruzi involves an extensive parasite killingFerreira, Roberta Carvalho; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Lorenzo, Marcelo Gustavo; Paim, Rafaela Magalhães Macedo; Ferreira, Luciana de Lima; Probst, Christian Macagnan; Silva, Juliana Alves; Guarneri, ALessandra Aparecidarestricted accessArticle
2017Trypanosoma cruzi specific mRNA amplification by in vitro transcription improves parasite transcriptomics in host-parasite RNA mixturesKessler, Rafael Luis; Pavoni, Daniela Parada; Krieger, Marco Aurélio; Probst, Christian Macagnanopen accessArticle
2018Treatment of Trypanosoma cruzi with 2-bromopalmitate alters morphology, endocytosis, differentiation and infectivityBatista, Cassiano Martin; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Eger, Iriane; Soares, Maurilio Joséopen accessArticle
2018Trypanosoma cruzi transcriptome during axenic epimastigote growth curveSantos, Cyndia Mara Bezerra dos; Ludwig, Adriana; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Rampazzo, Rita de Cássia Pontello; Inoue, Alexandre Haruo; Krieger, Marco Aurélio; Pavoni, Daniela Parada; Probst, Christian Macagnanopen accessArticle