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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2020A doubt of multiple introduction of SARS-CoV-2 in Italy: a preliminary overviewGiovanetti, Marta; Angeletti, Silvia; Benvenuto, Domenico; Ciccozzi, Massimoopen accessPreprint
2020Response to Carletti et al., "About the origin of the first two Sars-CoV-2 infections in Italy: inference not supported by appropriate sequence analysis."Ciccozzi, Massimo; Giovanetti, Marta; Benvenuto, Domenico; Angeletti, Silviaopen accessPreprint
2020Evolutionary analysis of SARS-CoV-2: how mutation of Non-Structural Protein 6 (NSP6) could affect viral autophagyBenvenuto, Domenico; Angeletti, Silvia; Giovanetti, Marta; Bianchi, Marina; Pascarella, Stefano; Cauda, Roberto; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Cassone, Antonioopen accessArticle
2020The first two cases of 2019‐nCoV in Italy: Where they come from?Giovanetti, Marta; Benvenuto, Domenico; Angeletti, Silvia; Ciccozzi, Massimoopen accessArticle
2020Application of the ARIMA model on the COVID-2019 epidemic datasetBenvenuto, Domenico; Giovanetti, Marta; Vassallo, Lazzaro; Angeletti, Silvia; Ciccozzi, Massimoopen accessArticle
2020The global spread of 2019-nCoV: a molecular evolutionary analysisBenvenuto, Domenico; Giovanetti, Marta; Salemi, Marco; Prosperi, Mattia; Flora, Cecilia de; Alcantara, Luiz Carlos Junior; Angeletti, Silvia; Ciccozzi, Massimoopen accessArticle
2020Genome Detective Coronavirus Typing Tool for rapid identification and characterization of novel coronavirus genomesCleemput, Sara; Dumon, Wim; Fonseca, Vagner; Karim, Wasim Abdool; Giovanetti, Marta; Alcantara, Luiz Carlos; Deforche, Koen; Oliveira, Tulio deopen accessArticle
2020The 2019-new coronavirus epidemic: Evidence for virus evolutionBenvenuto, Domenico; Giovanetti, Marta; Ciccozzi, Alessandra; Spoto, Silvia; Angeletti, Silvia; Ciccozzi, Massimoopen accessArticle
2020COVID-2019: The role of the nsp2 and nsp3 in its pathogenesisAngeletti, Silvia; Benvenuto, Domenico; Bianchi, Martina; Giovanetti, Marta; Pascarella, Stefano; Ciccozzi, Massimoopen accessArticle