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2019Elevated IL-17 levels and echocardiographic signs of preserved myocardial function in benznidazole-treated individuals with chronic Chagas' diseaseCamara, Edmundo José Nassri; Mendonca, Vitor Rosa Ramos; Souza, Ligia C. L.; Carvalho, Juliana S.; Lessa, Rudá Alves; Gatto, Ramon; Barreto, Luan Oliveira; Chiacchio, Giulianna; Amarante, Eduardo; Cunha, Monaliza; Silva, Luis S. Alves; Guimarães, Benelson A. C.; Barral Netto, Manoelopen accessArticle
2001Revisiting proteus: do minor changes in lectin structure matter in biological activity? Lessons from and potential biotechnological uses of the Diocleinae subtribe lectinsCavada, Benildo Sousa; Bessa, Theolis Costa Barbosa; Arruda, Sérgio Marcos; Grangeiro, Thalles Barbosa; Barral Netto, Manoelopen accessArticle
2001Differences in gamma interferon production in vitro predict the pace of the in vivo response to Leishmania amazonensis in healthy volunteersPompeu, Margarida Maria de Lima; Brodskyn, Claudia Ida; Teixeira, M. J.; Clarêncio, Jorge; Van Weyenbergh, Johan Jozef Rosa Maria; Coelho, I. C; Cardoso, Silvia Andrade; Barral, Aldina Maria Prado; Barral Netto, Manoelopen accessArticle
2015Correction: Prediction of CD8+ Epitopes in Leishmania braziliensis Proteins Using EPIBOT: In Silico Search and In Vivo ValidationDuarte, Ângelo; Queiroz, Artur Trancoso Lopo de; Tosta, Rafael; Carvalho, Augusto M.; Barbosa, Carlos Henrique; Bellio, Maria; Oliveira, Camila Indiani de; Barral Netto, Manoelopen accessArticle
1995Polar and subpolar diffuse Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Brazil: clinical and immunopathological aspectsBarral, Aldina Maria Prado; Costa, Jackson Mauricio Lopes; Bittencourt, Achiléa Candida Lisboa; Barral Netto, Manoel; Carvalho, Edgar Marcelino deopen accessArticle