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2012A phosphoproteomic approach towards the understanding of the role of TGF-β in Trypanosoma cruzi biologyFerrão, Patrícia M.; Oliveira, Fabiane L. de; Degrave, Wim M.; Araujo-Jorge, Tania C.; Lima, Leila Mendonça; Waghabi, Mariana accessArticle
2012Evaluation of the response to treatment with Benznidazole of mice with triple infection with clones 0f 21SF strain (S. FELIPE-BA) of Trypanosoma Cruzi with different degrees of susceptibility to chemotherapy in comparison with mice with single infectionRebouças, M. C; Guerreiro, Marcos Lázaro da Silva; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessPapers presented at events
2012Evaluation of results of association of the T.cruzi chemotherapic Benznidazole with others drugs (Nifurtimox, Cetoconazole) in the treatment of the experimental Chagas diseaseAlmeida, Marcio Cerqueira de; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessPapers presented at events
2012TNF-α is involved in the abnormal thymocyte migration during experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection and favors the export of immature cellsPérez, Ana Rosa; Berbert, Luiz Ricardo; Lepletier, Ailin; Revelli, Silvia; Bottasso, Oscar; Barbosa, Suse Dayse Silva; Savino, Wilsonopen accessArticle
2012Multiple effects of pepstatin A on Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigote formsSangenito, Leandro S.; Gonçalves, Keyla C.; Abi-chacra, Érika de Araújo; Sodré, Cátia L.; Levy, Claudia M. d'Avila; Branquinha, Marta H.; Santos, André L. S.restricted accessArticle
2012Evaluation of Arylimidamides DB1955 and DB1960 as Candidates against Visceral Leishmaniasis and Chagas’ Disease: In Vivo Efficacy, Acute Toxicity, Pharmacokinetics, and Toxicology StudiesZhu, Xiaohua; Liu, Qiang; Yang, Sihyung; Parman, Toufan; Green, Carol E.; Mirsalis, Jon C.; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré Correia; Souza, Elen Mello de; Silva, Cristiane França da; Batista, Denise da Gama Jaen; Stephens, Chad E.; Banerjee, Moloy; Farahat, Abdelbasset A.; Munde, Manoj; Wilson, W. David; Boykin, David W.; Wang, Michael Zhuo; Werbovetz, Karl accessArticle
2012In vitro and in vivo investigation of the efficacy of arylimidamide DB1831 and its mesylated salt form--DB1965--against Trypanosoma cruzi infectionSilva, Cristiane França da; Batista, Denise da Gama Jaen; Oliveira, Gabriel Melo; Souza, Elen Mello de; Hammer, Erica Ripoll; Silva, Patricia Bernardino da; Daliry, Anissa; Araujo, Julianna Siciliano; Britto, Constança; Rodrigues, Ana Carolina Mondaine; Liu, Zongying; Farahat, Abdelbasset A.; Kumar, Arvind; Boykin, David W.; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré Correiaopen accessArticle
2012On the search for potential anti-Trypanosoma cruzi drugs: synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-hydroxy-3-methylamino and 1,2,3-triazolic naphthoquinoidal compounds obtained by click chemistry reactionsSilva Júnior, Eufrânio N. da; Melo, Isadora M. M. de; Diogo, Emilay B. T.; Costa, Verenice A.; Souza Filho, José D. de; Valença, Wagner O.; Camara, Celso A.; Oliveira, Ronaldo N. de; Araujo, Alexandre S. de; Emery, Flávio S.; Santos, Marcelo R. dos; Simone, Carlos A. de; Menna-Barreto, Rubem F. S.; Castro, Solange L. derestricted accessArticle
2012Oral administration of GW788388, an inhibitor of transforming growth factor beta signaling, prevents heart fibrosis in Chagas diseaseOliveira, Fabiane L. de; Araujo-Jorge, Tania C.; Souza, Elen M. de; Oliveira, Gabriel M. de; Degrave, Wim M.; Feige, Jean-Jacques; Bailly, Sabine; Waghabi, Mariana accessArticle
2012A novel triazolic naphthofuranquinone induces autophagy in reservosomes and impairment of mitosis in Trypanosoma cruziFernandes, M. C.; Silva, E. N. da; Pinto, A. V.; Castro, S. L. de; Menna-Barreto, R. F. S.restricted accessArticle