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2012Diverse inhibitor chemotypes targeting Trypanosoma cruzi CYP51Gunatilleke, Shamila S.; Calvet, Claudia M. d'Avila; Johnston, Jonathan B.; Chen, Chiung-Kuang; Erenburg, Grigori; Gut, Jiri; Engel, Juan C.; Ang, Kenny K. H.; Mulvaney, Joseph; Chen, Steven; Arkin, Michelle R.; McKerrow, James H.; Podust, Larissa accessArticle
2012Bioluminescent imaging of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Rhodnius prolixusHenriques, Cristina; Castro, Daniele P.; Gomes, Leonardo H. F.; Garcia, Eloi S.; Souza, Wanderley deopen accessArticle
2012Evaluation of anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activities of nitrosyl/nitro ruthenium complexes in vitro and in vivo.Bastos, Tanira Matutino; Barbosa, Marília Imaculada Frazão; Meira, Cássio Santana; Guimarães, Elisalva Teixeira; Batista, Alzir Azevedo; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereiraopen accessPapers presented at events
2012Evaluation of results of association of the T.cruzi chemotherapic Benznidazole with others drugs (Nifurtimox, Cetoconazole) in the treatment of the experimental Chagas diseaseAlmeida, M. C; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessPapers presented at events