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2013Human Chagas Disease and Migration in the Context of Globalization: Some Particular Aspects.Dias, João Carlos Pintorestricted accessArticle
2010Interactions between intestinal compounds of triatomines and Trypanosoma cruziGarcia, Eloi S.; Genta, Fernando A.; Azambuja, Patricia de; Schaub, Günter A.restricted accessArticle
2017Biology of Triatoma sherlocki (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) Under Laboratory Conditions: Biological Cycle and Resistance to StarvationNeiva, Vanessa Lima; Gonçalves, Teresa C. M.; Bastos, Leonardo S.; Gumiel, Marcia; Correia, Nathália C.; Silva, Catia C.; Almeida, Carlos E.; Costa, Janerestricted accessArticle
2017Description of the feeding preferences of triatominae in the Chagas disease surveillance study for the State of Pernambuco, Brazil (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)Silva, Maria Beatriz Araújo; Menezes, Kelly Reis de; Faria, Maria Clara Guerra de; Andrade, Maria Sandra; Victor, Caio Cesar Alves; Lorosa, Elias Seixas; Juberg, Joséopen accessArticle
2016Imunoproteoma da doença de Chagas: busca de candidatos a biomarcadores de progressão de lesão cardíacaCaminha, Marcelle Almeidarestricted accessDissertation
2015Long-term follow-up of a patient since the acute phase of Chagas disease (South American trypanosomiasis): further treatment and cure of the infectionDias, João Carlos Pinto; Dias, Emmanuel; Nóbrega, Genard Carneiro da Cunhaopen accessArticle
2015Antiparasitic effect in vitro, activity in a murine model of Chagas disease, and structural characterization in complex with the target enzyme CYP51 from Trypanosoma cruzi of the potent clinical candidate VT-1161Hoekstra, William J.; Hargrove, Tatiana Y,; Wawrzak, Zdzislaw; Batista, Denis D. G; Silva, Cristiane F. da; Nefertiti, Aline S. G.; Rachakonda, Girish; Schotzinger, Robert J.; Villalta, Fernando; Soeiro, Maria Nazaré C.; Lepesheva, Galina accessArticle
2010Differential tissue tropism of Trypanosoma cruzi strains: an in vitro studyAndrade, Luciana O.; Galvão, Lúcia M. C.; Meirelles, Maria de Nazareth S. L.; Chiari, Egler; Pena, Sergio D. J.; Macedo, Andrea accessArticle
2011Amiodarone inhibits Trypanosoma cruzi infection and promotes cardiac cell recovery with gap junction and cytoskeleton reassembly in vitroAdesse, Daniel; Azzam, Eduardo Meirelles; Meirelles, Maria de Nazareth L.; Urbina, Julio A.; Garzoni, Luciana accessArticle
2010Nitric oxide donor trans-[RuCl([15]aneN4)NO]2+ as a possible therapeutic approach for Chagas’ diseaseGuedes, Paulo M. M.; Oliveira, Fabiana S.; Gutierrez, Fredy R. S.; Silva, Grace Kelly da; Rodrigues, Gerson Jhonatan; Bendhack, Lusiane Maria; Franco, Douglas W.; Matta, Maria A. do Valle; Zamboni, Dario S.; Silva, Roberto Santana da; Silva, João Santanarestricted accessArticle