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2014Impact of a single safety-engineered device on the occurrence of percutaneous injuries in a general hospital in BrazilMenezes, Jacqueline Anita de; Bandeira, Carolina e Souza; Quintana, Marcel de Souza Borges; Silva, Julio Castro Alves de Lima e; Calvet, Guilherme Amaral; Brasil, Patríciarestricted accessArticle
2013Antibiotic Resistance of Salmonella spp. Isolated from Shrimp Farming Freshwater Environment in Northeast Region of BrazilCarvalho, 'Fátima C. T.; Souza, Oscarina V.; Carvalho, Edirsana M. R.; Hofer, Ernesto; Vieira, Regine H. S. accessArticle
2013Endemic angiostrongyliasis in the Brazilian Amazon: Natural parasitism of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in Rattus rattus and R. norvegicus, and sympatric giant African land snails, Achatina fulicaMoreira, V. L. C.; Giese, E. G.; Melo, F. T. V.; Simões, R. O.; Thiengo, S. C.; Maldonado Jr., A.; Santos, J. N.restricted accessArticle
2010TP53 mutation profile of esophageal squamous cell carcinomas of patients from Southeastern BrazilRossini, Ana; Simão, Tatiana de Almeida; Marques, Cynthia B.; Soares-Lima, Sheila C.; Herbster, Suellen; Rapozo, Davy Carlos M.; Andreollo, Nelson A.; Ferreira, Maria A.; El-Jaick, Kenya Balbi; Teixeira, Roberto; Guimarães, Denise P.; Albano, Rodolpho Mattos; Pinto, Luis Felipe Ribeirorestricted accessArticle
2017Lineage-Specific Real-Time RT-PCR for Yellow Fever Virus Outbreak Surveillance, BrazilFischer, Carlo; Torres, Maria C.; Patel, Pranav; Moreira-Soto, Andres; Gould, Ernest A.; Charrel, Rémi N.; Lamballerie, Xavier de; Nogueira, Rita Maria Ribeiro; Sequeira, Patricia C.; Rodrigues, Cintia D. S.; Kümmerer, Beate M.; Drosten, Christian; Landt, Olfert; Filippis, Ana Maria Bispo de; Drexler, Jan Felixopen accessArticle
2015Draft genome sequences of three NDM-1-producing Enterobacteriaceae species isolated from BrazilPereira, Polyana Silva; Albano, Rodolpho Mattos; Asensi, Marise Dutra; Carvalho-Assef, Ana Paula D’ accessArticle
2014Over-the-counter human immunodeficiency virus self-test kits: time to explore their use for men who have sex with men in BrazilLippman, Sheri A.; Veloso, Valdiléa Gonçalves; Buchbinder, Susan; Fernandes, Nilo Martinez; Terto, Veriano; Sullivane, Patrick S.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhornopen accessArticle
2013Does the trematode Centrocestus formosanus affect the locomotory activity of the mollusc Melanoides tuberculatus?Santos, Everton Gustavo Nunes dos; Costa, Viviane da Silva; Santos, Cláudia Portesopen accessArticle
2014A new species of Paratubana from the Atlantic Forest of Brazil and a key to males of the genus (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Cicadellini)Mejdalani, Gabriel; Quintas, Victor; Felix, Márcio; Cavichioli, Rodney Rrestricted accessArticle
2014Interdisciplinarity and Teacher Education: The Teacher’s Training of the Secondary School in Rio de Janeiro—BrazilFidalgo Neto, Antonio Augusto; Lopes, Renato Matos; Magalhães, José Leopoldo Cerqueira; Pierini, Max Fonseca; Alves, Luiz Anastáciorestricted accessArticle