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2011Polyclonal antibodies against properly folded Dengue virus NS1 protein expressed in E. coli enable sensitive and early dengue diagnosisAllonso, Diego; Rosa, Marcela da Silva; Coelho, Diego Rodrigues; Costa, Simone Morais da; Nogueira, Rita Maria Ribeiro; Bozza, Fernando Augusto; Santos, Flavia Barreto Dos; Alves, Ada Maria de Barcelos; Mohana-Borges, Ronaldoopen accessArticle
2011Quality of life among adults with confirmed dengue in BrazilMartelli, Celina Maria Turchi; Nascimento, Nazareth Elias; Suaya, Jose A.; Siqueira, Joao Bosco; Souza, Wayner Vieira; Turchi, Marilia Dalva; Guilarde, Adriana Oliveira; Peres, Joao Borges; Shepard, Donald S.restricted accessArticle
2011Platelets in dengue infectionHottz, Eugenio; Tolley, Neal D.; Zimmerman, Guy A.; Weyrich, Andrew S.; Bozza, Fernando A.restricted accessArticle