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2018Development of antibody biomarkers of long term and recent dengue virus infectionsNascimento, Eduardo J. M.; Huleatt, James W.; Cordeiro, Marli T.; Castanha, Priscila M. S.; George, James K.; Grebe, Eduard; Welte, Alex; Brown, Monique; Burke, Donald S.; Marques, Ernesto T. A.restricted accessArticle
2013Epidemiological assessment of neglected diseases in children: lymphatic filariasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasisAguiar-Santos, Ana Maria; Medeiros, Zulma; Bonfim, Cristine; Rocha, Abraham C.; Brandão, Eduardo; Miranda, Tereza; Oliveira, Paula; Sarinho, Emanuel S. accessArticle
2019Survival and risk factors for mortality in pediatric patients with acute myeloid leukemia in a single reference center in low-middle-income countryLins, Mecneide Mendes; Mello, Maria Julia Gonçalves; Ribeiro, Raul C.; Camargo, Beatriz de; Albuquerque, Maria de Fátima Pessoa Militão de; Thuler, Luiz Claudio Santosrestricted accessArticle
2011Mannose-binding lectin serum levels in patients with leprosy are influenced by age and MBL2 genotypesVasconcelos, Luydson Richardson Silva; Fonseca, Juliana Pereira Lopes; Carmo, Rodrigo Feliciano do; Mendonça, Taciana Furtado de; Pereira, Valeria Rêgo Alves; Lucena-Silva, Norma; Pereira, Leila Maria Moreira Beltrão; Moura, Patrícia; Cavalcanti, Maria do Socorro de Mendonçaopen accessArticle