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2013Anti-inflammatory effects of carvacrol: evidence for a key role of interleukin-10.Lima, Milena da Silva; Quintans Junior, Lucindo José; Santana, Wagno Alcântara; Kaneto, Carla Martins; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereira; Villarreal, Cristiane Floraopen accessArticle
1996Trypanosoma cruzi strains: behavior after passage into authoctonous or foreign species of traitomine (biological and biochemical patterns).Magalhães, Juracy Barbosa; Andrade, Sonia Gumes; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújoopen accessArticle
2013Cytotoxic effect of leaf essential oil of Lippia gracilis Schauer (Verbenaceae).Ferraz, Rosana Paula Cruz; Bomfim, Diogo S; Carvalho, Nanashara Coelho de; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereira; Silva, Thanany Brasil da; Machado, Wedna de Jesus; Prata, Ana Paula do Nascimento; Costa, Emmanoel Vilaça; Moraes, Valéria Regina de Souza; Nogueira, Paulo Cesar de Lima; Bezerra, Daniel Pereiraopen accessArticle
2013Evidence for the involvement of descending pain-inhibitory mechanisms in the antinociceptive effect of hecogenin acetate.Gama, Kelly Barbosa; Quintans, Jullyana de Souza Siqueira; Antoniolli, Angelo Roberto; Quintans Junior, Lucindo José; Santana, Wagno Alcântara; Branco, Alexsandro; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereira; Villarreal, Cristiane Floraopen accessArticle
1987Pathogenesis of pipe-stem fibrosis of the liver (experimental observation on murine schistosomiasis).Andrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
1994Investigation on the possibility of spontaneous cure of mice infected with different strains of Trypanosoma cruzi.Magalhães, Juracy Barbosa; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessArticle
1995Parasitism of adipocytes by Trypanosoma cruzi.Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Silva, Honassys R. Rochaopen accessArticle
1999Immunopathology of cardiomyopathy in the experimental Chagas diseaseSoares, Milena Botelho Pereira; Santos, Ricardo Ribeiro dosopen accessArticle
1999Trypanosoma cruzi: clonal structure of parasite strains and the importance of principal clonesAndrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessArticle
1987The conduction system of the heart in mice chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi: histopathological lesions and electrocardiographic correlations.Andrade, Sonia Gumes; Sadigursky, Moysésopen accessArticle