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2011Investigation on the pharmacological profile of antimony(III) complexes with hydroxyquinoline derivatives: anti-trypanosomal activity and cytotoxicity against human leukemia cell linesReis, Débora C.; Pinto, Mauro C. X.; Souza-Fagundes, Elaine M.; Rocha, Lucas F.; Pereira, Valéria R. A.; Melo, Cristiane M. L.; Beraldo, Heloisarestricted accessArticle
2009A rationale for schistosomiasis control in elementary schools of the rainforest zone of pernambuco, BrazilFavre, Tereza C.; Pereira, Ana P. B.; Galvão, Aline F.; Zani, Luciana C.; Barbosa, Constança S.; Pieri, Otávio accessArticle
2009Managing canine vector-borne diseases of zoonotic concern: part twoOtranto, Domenico; Dantas-Torres, Filipe; Breitschwerdt, Edward B.restricted accessArticle
2011Modeling the dynamic transmission of dengue fever: investigating disease persistenceMedeiros, Líliam César de Castro; Castilho, César Augusto Rodrigues; Braga, Cynthia de; Souza, Wayner Vieira; Regis, Leda; Monteiro, Antonio Miguel Vieiraopen accessArticle
2018Current status, challenges and perspectives in the development of vaccines against yellow fever, dengue, Zika and chikungunya virusesSilva, José V. J.; Lopes, Thaísa R. R.; Oliveira-Filho, Edmilson F. de; Oliveira, Renato A. S.; Durães-Carvalho, Ricardo; Gil, Laura H. V. G.restricted accessArticle
2019Home sweet home: sand flies find a refuge in remote indigenous villages in north-eastern Brazil, where leishmaniasis is endemicSales, Kamila Gaudêncio da Silva; Oliveira Miranda, Débora Elienai de; Costa, Pietra Lemos; Silva, Fernando José da; Figueredo, Luciana Aguiar; Brandão-Filho, Sinval Pinto; Dantas-Torres, Filipeopen accessArticle
2010A mechanism for chronic filarial hydrocele with implications for its surgical repairNorões, Joaquim; Dreyer, Gerusaopen accessArticle
2019An unsettling explanation for the failure of skatole-baited ovitraps to capture Culex mosquitoesPaiva, Marcelo H. S.; Barbosa, Rosângela M. R.; Santos, Suzane A.; Silva, Norma M.; Paula, Marcia B.; Ayres, Constância F. J.; Leal, Walter S.restricted accessArticle
2018Evaluation of the recombinant antigens Wb14 and WbT for the capture antibody diagnosis of lymphatic filariasisPastor, André Filipe; Rocha, Abraham; Cassemiro, Klécia de Melo; Tenório, Marli; Melo, Paula; Grilis, Maria Rosângela; Rhuama, Maressa; Rezende, Antonio Mauro; Melo Neto, Osvaldo Pompilio de; Marques, Ernesto; Dhalia, Rafaelopen accessArticle
2001Revisiting proteus: do minor changes in lectin structure matter in biological activity? Lessons from and potential biotechnological uses of the Diocleinae subtribe lectinsCavada, Benildo Sousa; Bessa, Theolis Costa Barbosa; Arruda, Sérgio Marcos; Grangeiro, Thalles Barbosa; Barral Netto, Manoelopen accessArticle