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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
1985Evaluation of chemotherapy with benznidazole and nifurtimox in mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi strains of different typesAndrade, Sonia Gumes; Magalhães, Juracy Barbosa; Pontes, Albélia Limaopen accessArticle
1986The Complexity of Trypanosoma cruz populations revealed by Schizodeme AnalysisMorel, Carlos Medicis; Deane, M. P.; Gonçalves, A. accessArticle
1987Cardiac morbidity and mortality due to Chagas' disease: prospective electrocardiographic study of a Brazilian communityMaguire, James H; Hoff, Rodney; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Guimarães, Armênio Costa; Sleigh, Adrian C; Ramos, Nilson Borges; Mott, Kenneth E; Weller, Thomas Hopen accessArticle
1984Parasitemia constante durante 24 horas consecutivas na infecção experimental pelo Trypanosoma CruziSherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújoopen accessArticle
1980Fauna Triatominae do Estado da Bahia, Brasil. IV - Triatoma melanocephala Neiva & Pinto, 1923Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Guitton, Neideopen accessArticle
1989A comparative study of anti-Trypanosoma cruzi serum obtained in acute and chronic phase of infection in miceTakehara, Harumi Ando; Silva, Ana Maria Moura da; Brodskyn, Claudia Ida; Mota, Ivanopen accessArticle
1980A patologia da doença de chagas experimental no cãoAndrade, Zilton de Araújo; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessArticle
1988The challenge of Chagas' diseaseAndrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
1986A new liquid medium without blood and serum for culture of hemoflagellatesSadigursky, Moyses; Brodskyn, Claudia Idaopen accessArticle
1983Factors controlling the volume of feces produced by triatomine vectors of Chagas' diseasePiesman, Joseph; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújoopen accessArticle