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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2004Incomplete septal cirrhosis: an enigmatic diseaseSchinoni, Maria Isabel; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues de; Oliveira, Rubem; Paraná, Raymundorestricted accessArticle
2006Anti-Golgi complex antibodies during pegylated-interferon therapy for hepatitis CParaná, Raymundo; Schinoni, Maria Isabel; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues de; Codes, Liana; Cruz, Marla; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Trépo, Christianopen accessArticle
1995Hepatic Changes in Workers From a Petrochemical Plant in Salvador, Bahia-BrazilCotrim, Helma Pinchemel; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues de; Paraná, Raymundo; Moreno, L; Portugal, Marcelo; Lyra, Luiz Guilherme Costa; Andrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
2003Clinical, histologic and serologic evaluation of patients with acute non-A-E hepatitis in north-eastern Brazil: is it an infectious disease?Paraná, Raymundo; Codes, Liana; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues de; Jesus, Rogério Santos; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Cotrim, Helma Pinchemel; Cunha, Simone; Trépo, Christianopen accessArticle
2010Imaging techniques and histology in the evaluation of liver fibrosis in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis mansoni in Brazil: a comparative studyVoieta, Izabela; Queiroz, Leonardo C. de; Andrade, Luciene M.; Silva, Luciana Cristina S.; Fontes, Vitor F.; Barbosa Junior, Aryon de Almeida; Resende, Vivian; Petroianu, Andy; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Antunes, Carlos Mauricio de Figueiredo; Lambertucci, José Robertoopen accessArticle