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2003Differential Expression of Adhesion Molecules Shaping the T-cell Subset Prevalence during the Early Phase of Autoimmune and Trypanosoma cruzi-elicited MyocarditisMarino, Ana Paula M. P.; Azevedo, Maria Inês P.; Lannes-Vieira, Joseliopen accessArticle
2010Lipid droplets in inflammation and cancerBozza, Patricia T.; Viola, João P. B.restricted accessArticle
2011Ectoparasites (Insecta and Acari) Associated with Bats in Southeastern BrazilAlmeida, Juliana C.; Silva, Shirley S. P.; Serra-Freire, Nicolau M.; Valim, Michel P.restricted accessArticle
2018Inequalities in esophageal cancer mortality in Brazil: Temporal trends and projectionsSantos, Juliano dos; Meira, Karina Cardoso; Simões, Taynãna César; Guimarães, Raphael Mendonça; Telles, Mauricio Wiering Pinto; Borges, Laiane Felix; Assis, Auzenda Conceição Parreira de; Silva, Maria das Vitorias; Barbosa, Isabelle Ribeiro; Giusti, Angela Carolina Brandão de Souza; Santos, Camila Alves dos; Souza, Dyego Leandro Bezerra deopen accessArticle
2018Lack of association between single-nucleotide polymorphisms of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines and HTLV-1-associated myelopathy / tropical spastic paraparesis development in patients from Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSchor, Doris; Porto, Luís Cristóvão; Roma, Eric Henrique; Quintana, Marcel de Souza Borges; Fabricio-Silva, Gustavo Milson; Bonecini-Almeida, Maria Gloria; Araújo, Abelardo Queiroz-Campos; Andrada-Serpa, Maria Joseopen accessArticle
2018Infectious complications following probiotic ingestion: a potentially underestimated problem? A systematic review of reports and case seriesCosta, Rafael Lessa; Moreira, José; Lorenzo, Andrea; Lamas, Cristiane accessArticle
2009Serologic and molecular typing of human T-lymphotropic virus among blood donors in Maputo City, MozambiqueOtsuki, Koko; Jani, Ilesh V.; Múltipla Autoria - ver em Notasrestricted accessArticle
2009Larvicidal activity of grandisin against Aedes aegyptiCabral, Marise M. O.; Alencar, Jeronimo A.; Guimarães, Anthony E.; Kato, Massuo J.restricted accessArticle
2009First record of Philometra katsuwoni (Nematoda, Philometridae), a parasite of skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis (Perciformes, Scombridae), off South American Atlantic CoastCárdenas, Melissa Querido; Moravec, Frantisek; Kohn, Annaopen accessArticle
2009Potency evaluation of rabies vaccine for human use: the impact of the reduction in the number of animals per dilutionMoura, Wlamir Corrêa de; Araujo, Humberto Pinheiro de; Cabello, Pedro Hernan; Romijn, Phyllis Catharina; Leite, José Paulo Gagliardirestricted accessArticle