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2011Contribution of midgut bacteria to blood digestion and egg production in aedes aegypti (diptera: culicidae) (L.).Gaio, Analiz de Oliveira; Gusmão, Desiely Silva; Santos, Adão V; Molina, Marília Amorim Berbert de; Pimenta, Paulo Filemon Paolucci; Lemos, Francisco Jose Alvesopen accessArticle
2010Effects of motor physical therapy in critically ill patients: literature reviewSilva, Ana Paula Pereira; Maynard, Kenia; Cruz, Mônica Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2006Vaccination with replication-deficient recombinant adenoviruses encoding the main surface antigens of toxoplasma gondii induces immune response and protection against infection in miceCaetano, Bráulia Costa; Bruna-Romero, Oscar; Mendes, Erica A.; Penido, Marcus Luiz de Oliveira; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostesrestricted accessArticle
2010Association of mast cell, eosinophil leucocyte and microvessel densities in actinic cheilitis and lip squamous cell carcinomaSouza, Ludmilla R.; Silva, Thiago Fonseca; Santos, Carolina C. O.; Oliveira, Marcos Vinícius Macedo de; Oliveira, Rodrigo Corrêa de; Guimarães, Andre Luiz Sena; Paula, Alfredo Maurício Batista derestricted accessArticle
2006Responses of the surface membrane and excretory system of Schistosoma mansoni to damage and to treatment with praziquantel and other biomoleculesOliveira, Fabricia Alvisi de; Kusel, John Robert; Ribeiro, Fabio; Coelho, Paulo Marcos Zachrestricted accessArticle
2006Alcohol-induced gastritis prevents oral tolerance induction in mice.Andrade, Mariléia Chaves; Menezes, Juscilene da Silva; Cassali, Geovanni Dantas; Martins Filho, Olindo Assis; Machado, Denise Carmona Cara; Faria, Ana Maria Caetano derestricted accessArticle
2006Synergistic associations between hookworm and other helminth species in a rural community in BrazilSynergistic associations between hookworm and other helminth species in a rural community in BrazilFleming, Fiona M.; Brooker, Simon; Geiger, Stefan Michael; Caldas, Iramaya Rodrigues; Oliveira, Rodrigo Correa de; Hotez, Peter J.; Bethony, Jeffrey Michaelrestricted accessArticle
2006The distribution of motor proteins in the muscles and flame cells of the Schistosoma mansoni miracidium and primary sporocystBahia, Diana; Avelar, Lívia das Gracas Amaral; Vigorosi, F.; Oliveira, Guilherme Corrêa de; Mortara, Renato Arrudarestricted accessArticle
1996Characterization of subpopulations (clones and subclones) of the 21 SF strain of Trypanosoma cruzi after long lasting maintenance in the laboratory.Campos, Rozalia Mendes Figueira; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessArticle
1991Extracellular matrix and schistosomiasis.Andrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle