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2013Hyperplacentosis, autoimmunity and postpartum depression: Is there a link?Lobato, Gustavo; Brunner, Maria Alice C.; Migovski, Lívia; Moraes, Claudia L.restricted accessEditorial
1992Fluid and electrolyte intake in preterm infantsLopes, José Maria de Andrade; Odeh, Charles S.; Carvalho, Manoel derestricted accessEditorial
2015EditorialArzt, Eduardo; Savino, Wilson; Barbeito, Luisopen accessEditorial
2008Rio de Janeiro against Aedes aegypti: yellow fever in 1908 and dengue in 2008 - EditorialOliveira, Ricardo Lourenço deopen accessEditorial
2013Cystic fibrosis and deafnessLlerena Junior, Juan Clinton; Degrave, Win; Miranda, Antonio; Suffys, Philliprestricted accessEditorial
2013Proteolytic Inhibitors: Implications on Microorganisms Development, Virulence and PathogenesisSantos, André Luis Souza dos; Sodré, Cátia Lacerda; Branquinha, Marta Helena; Levy, Claudia Masini d`Avilarestricted accessEditorial
2006Células tronco (Parte II)Lopes, Laudelino Marquesrestricted accessEditorial
2013Crise de demanda ou mudança de valores?Deslandes, Suely Ferreira; Silva, Antônio Augusto Moura daopen accessEditorial
1991Treatment of lymphoid interstitial pneumonia with chloroquineCampos, João Mauricio S.; Simonetti, José Paschoalrestricted accessEditorial
2006Resposta brasileira à epidemia de HIV/Aids, 2001-2005Bastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiro; Buchalla, Cássia Maria; Ayres, José Ricardo de C. M.; Silva, Luiz Jacintho daopen accessEditorial