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1987Health education for children in the control of schistosomasisSchall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle
1985Comportamento das cepas Y e peruana do Trypanosoma cruzi no camundongo, após passagem em diferentes meios.Magalhães, Juracy Barbosa; Pontes, Albélia Lima; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessArticle
1984Damage and healing in the conducting tissue of the heart (an experimental study in dogs infected with Trypanosoma Cruzi)Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Andrade, Sonia Gumes; Sadigursky, Moysésopen accessArticle
1984Schizodeme and zymodeme characterization of Leishmania in the investigation of foci of visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasisLopes, Ulisses G.; Momen, Hoomen; Grimaldi Junior, Gabriel; Marzochi, Mauro C. A.; Pacheco, Raquel S.; Morel, Carlos Medicisrestricted accessArticle
1987Address from the Vice-President for Research, Oswaldo Cruz FoundationMorel, Carlos Medicisopen accessArticle
1986Ácaros em poeira domiciliar das capitais brasileiras e ilha de Fernando de NoronhaGalvão, Archibaldo Bello; Guitton, Neideopen accessArticle
1985Molluscicide activity of the 'Avelós' plant (Euphorbia tirucalli, L. ) on Biomphalaria glabrata, the mollusc vector of schistosomiasisJurberg, Pedro; Cabral Neto, Januário Bispo; Schall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle
1987Specific immunization of mice against Leishmania mexicana amazonensis using solubilized promastigotesBarral Netto, Manoel; Reed, Steven G.; Sadigursky, Moysés; Sonnenfeld, accessArticle
1982Electrophoretic Analysis of Endonuclease-Generated Fragments of k-DNA, of Esterase Isoenzymes, and of Surface Proteins as Aids for Species Identification of Insect TrypanosomatidsCamargo, E. Plessmann; Mattei, D. M.; Barbieri, Clara L.; Morel, Carlos Medicisrestricted accessArticle
1984Trypanosoma cruzk Inoculation Schedules and Re-isolation Methods Select Individual Strains from Doubly Infected Mice, as Demonstrated by Schizodeme and Zymodeme AnalysesDeane, Maria P.; Sousa, Maria A.; Pereira, Neize M.; Gonçalves, Antonio M.; Momen, Hooman; Morel, Carlos Medicisrestricted accessArticle