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2019Performance of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis indirect adherence measures among men who have sex with men and transgender women: results from the PrEP Brasil studyMarins, Luana M. S.; Torres, Thiago S.; Leite, Iuri da C.; Moreira, Ronaldo I.; Luz, Paula M.; Hoagland, Brenda; Kallas, Esper G.; Madruga, José Valdez; Liu, Albert Y.; Anderson, Peter L.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Veloso, Valdilea accessArticle
2017Asymptomatic anorectal Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae infections are associated with systemic CD8+ T-cell activationVieira, Vinicius A; Avelino-Silva, Vivian I; Cerqueira, Natalia B; Costa, Dayane A; Costa, Priscilla R; Vasconcelos, Ricardo P; Madruga, Valdez R; Moreira, Ronaldo I; Hoagland, Brenda; Veloso, Valdiléa G; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Kallás, Esper Grestricted accessArticle
2020Acceptability of Long-Acting Injectable Cabotegravir (CAB LA) in HIV-Uninfected Individuals: HPTN 077Tolley, Elizabeth E.; Zangeneh, Sahar Z.; Chau, Gordon; Eron, Joe; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Humphries, Hilton; Liu, Albert; Siegel, Marc; Bertha, Maseko; Panchia, Ravindre; Li, Sue; Cottle, Leslie; Rinehart, Alex; Margolis, David; Jennings, Andrea; McCauley, Marybeth; Landovitz, Raphael J.restricted accessArticle
2016PrEP adherence among trans women in Brazil-access needed for this key populationWilson, Erin C.; Jalil, Emilia; Hoagland, Brenda Siqueira; Moreira, Ronaldo I.; Veloso, Valdilea G.; Monteiro, Laylla; Grinsztejn, Beatrizrestricted accessArticle
2016Long-acting injectable preexposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention in South Africa: is There a will and a way?Landovitz, Raphael J; Grinsztejn, Beatrizrestricted accessArticle
2019How heterogeneous are MSM from Brazilian cities? An analysis of sexual behavior and perceived risk and a description of trends in awareness and willingness to use pre-exposure prophylaxisTorres, Thiago S; Marins, Luana M S; Veloso, Valdilea G; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Luz, Paula Mopen accessArticle
2015Strong correlation between concentrations of tenofovir (TFV) emtricitabine (FTC) in hair and TFV diphosphate and FTC triphosphate in dried blood spots in the iPrEx open label extension: implications for pre-exposure prophylaxis adherence monitoringGandhi, Monica; Glidden, David V.; Liu, Albert; Anderson, Peter L.; Horng, Howard; Defechereux, Patricia; Guanira, Juan V.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Chariyalertsak, Suwat; Bekker, Linda-Gail; Grant, Robert M.; iPrEx Study Teamrestricted accessArticle
2019Pre-exposure prophylaxis 2.0: new drugs and technologies in the pipelineCoelho, Lara Esteves; Torres, Thiago Silva; Veloso, Valdiléa Gonçalves; Landovitz, Raphael J; Grinsztejn, Beatrizrestricted accessArticle
2018Metabolic Effects of Preexposure Prophylaxis With Coformulated Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate and EmtricitabineGlidden, David V; Mulligan, Kathleen; McMahan, Vanessa; Anderson, Peter L; Guanira, Juan; Chariyalertsak, Suwat; Buchbinder, Susan P; Bekker, Linda-Gail; Schechter, Mauro; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Grant, Robert Mrestricted accessArticle
2016Symptoms, Side Effects and Adherence in the iPrEx Open-Label ExtensionGlidden, David V.; Amico, K. Rivet; Liu, Albert Y.; Hosek, Sybil G.; Anderson, Peter L; Buchbinder, Susan P.; McMahan, Vanessa; Mayer, Kenneth H.; David, Burns; Schechter, Mauro; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Guanira, Juan; Grant, Robert M.restricted accessArticle