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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2016Real-Time PCR Reveals Rapid Dissemination of Leptospira interrogans after Intraperitoneal and Conjunctival Inoculation of HamstersWunder Júnior, Elsio Augusto; Figueira, Claudio Pereira; Santos, Gisele R; Lourdault, Kristel; Matthias, Michael A; Vinetz, Joseph M; Ramos, Eduardo Antônio Gonçalves; Haake, David A; Picardeau, Mathieu; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Ko, Albert Icksangopen accessArticle
2016What Makes a Bacterial Species Pathogenic?:Comparative Genomic Analysis of the Genus LeptospiraFouts, Derrick E; Matthias, Michael A; Adhikarla, Haritha; Adler, Ben; Santos, Luciane Amorim; Berg, Douglas E; Bulach, Dieter; Buschiazzo, Alejandro; Chang, Yung-Fu; Galloway, Renee L; Haake, David A; Haft, Daniel H; Hartskeerl, Rudy; Ko, Albert Icksang; Levett, Paul N; Matsunaga, James; Mechaly, Ariel E; Monk, Jonathan M; Nascimento, Ana Lúcia Tablet Oller do; Nelson, Karen E; Palsson, Bernhard; Peacock, Sharon J; Picardeau, Mathieu; Ricaldi, Jessica N; Thaipandungpanit, Janjira; Wunder Júnior, Elsio Augusto; Yang, X Frank; Zhang, Jun-Jie; Vinetz, Joseph Mopen accessArticle
2011Heterologous expression of pathogen-specific genes ligA and ligB in the saprophyte Leptospira biflexa confers enhanced adhesion to cultured cells and fibronectin.Figueira, Cláudio Pereira; Croda, Julio Henrique Rosa; Choy, Henry A; Haake, David A; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Ko, Albert Icksang; Picardeau, Mathieuopen accessArticle
2011The multifunctional LigB adhesin binds homeostatic proteins with potential roles in cutaneous infection by pathogenic Leptospira interrogans.Choy, Henry A; Kelley, Melissa M; Croda, Julio Henrique Rosa; Matsunaga, James; Babbitt, Jane T; Ko, Albert Icksang; Picardeau, Mathieu; Haake, David Aopen accessArticle