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1989Study of a population of Biomphalaria tenagophila (Orbigny, 1835) and of schistosomiasis transmission in Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de JaneiroBaptista, Darcilio Fernandes; Vasconcellos, Mauricio Carvalho de; Schall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle
2004Rural tourism as risk factor for the transmission of schistosomiasis in Minas Gerais, BrazilEnk, Martin Johannes; Caldeira, Roberta Lima; Carvalho, Omar dos Santos; Schall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle
1986Orientation of the snail Biomphalaria straminea (Dunker, 1848) in responses to light in a situation of selection.Schall, Virgínia Torres; Jurberg, Pedro; Rozemberg, Braniopen accessArticle
2003Molluscicidal activity of crown of Christ (Euphorbia splendens var. hislopii)(Euphorbiaceae) latex submitted to pH variationVasconcellos, Maurício Carvalho de; Santos, José Augusto Albuquerque dos; Silva, Ivonise Paz da; Lopes, Fátima Eliana Ferreira; Schall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle
1998An interactive perspective of health education for the tropical disease control: the schistosomiasis caseSchall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle
1997The effective molluscicidal activity of Euphorbia splendens(Syn milli) in an endemic area of schistosomiasis in the state of Minas Gerais, Brasil.Mendes, Nelymar Martineli; Baptista, Darcilio Fernandes; Vasconcellos, Maurício Carvalho de; Rocha, Roberto Sena; Schall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle
1995Health education, public information and communication in schistosomiasis control in Brazil: a brief retrospective and new perspectivesSchall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle
1998The molluscicidal activity of Crown of Christ (Euphorbia splendens var. hislopii) latex on snails acting as intermediate hosts of Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma haematobiumSchall, Virgínia Torres; Vasconcellos, Mauricio Carvalho de; Souza, Cecilia Pereira de; Baptista, Darcilio Fernandesrestricted accessArticle
1987Behavior of Biomphalaria glabrata, the intermediate host snail of Schistosoma mansoni, at different depths in water in laboratory conditionsJurberg, Pedro; Schall, Virgínia Torres; Barbosa, Júlio Vianna; Gatti, Mario Jorge de Araujo; Silveira, Marisa daopen accessArticle
1985Molluscicide activity of the 'Avelós' plant (Euphorbia tirucalli, L. ) on Biomphalaria glabrata, the mollusc vector of schistosomiasisJurberg, Pedro; Cabral Neto, Januário Bispo; Schall, Virgínia Torresopen accessArticle