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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2004Experimental hepatic fibrosis due to Capillaria hepatica infection (differential features presented by rats and mice)Andrade, Stelamares Boyda de; Andrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
2004A contribution to the diagnosis of Capillaria hepatica infection by indirect immunofluorescence test.Assis, Bárbara Cristina Alves de; Cunha, Liliane Monteiro; Baptista, Ana Paula; Andrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
2004Hideyo Noguchi na BahiaAndrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
2004Comparison of immune responses of Schistosoma mansoni-infected mice with distinct chronic forms of the diseaseSilva, Luciana Menezes da; Oliveira, Sheilla Andrade de; Santos, Ricardo Ribeiro dos; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereiraopen accessArticle
2004Schistosomal hepatopathyAndrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
2004Behavior of Schistosoma mansoni-induced histopathological lesions in Biomphalaria glabrata submitted to ionizing radiationAzevedo, Carine Machado; Borges, Claudia Maria da Cunha; Andrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
2004Capillaria hepatica-induced hepatic fibrosis in rats: paradoxical effect of repeated infectionsOliveira, Ludmila; Souza, Márcia Maria de; Andrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
2004Biomphalaria tenagophila/Schistosoma mansoni interaction: premises for a new approach to biological control of schistosomiasisCoelho, Paulo Marcos Zach; Carvalho, Omar dos Santos; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Sousa, R. L. Martins; Rosa, F. M.; Barbosa, Lúcio Macedo; Pereira, C. A. J.; Caldeira, R. L.; Passos, L. K. Jannotti; Godard, A. L. B.; Moreira, L. A.; Oliveira, G. C.; Franco, Gloria Regina; Teles, H. M. S.; Corrêa, D. Negrãoopen accessArticle
2004Decreased humoral and pathologic responses in undernourished mice infected with Schistosoma mansoni.Oliveira, Sheilla Andrade de; Silva, Luciana Menezes da; Barbosa Junior, Aryon de Almeida; Santos, Ricardo Ribeiro dos; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereiraopen accessArticle
2004Incomplete septal cirrhosis: an enigmatic diseaseSchinoni, Maria Isabel; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues de; Oliveira, Rubem; Paraná, Raymundorestricted accessArticle