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2009Evaluation of memory immune response to mycobacterium extract among household contact of tuberculosis casesCavalcanti, Y. V. N.; Pereira, V. R. A.; Reis, L. C.; Ramos, A. L. G.; Luna, C. F.; Nascimento, E. J. M.; Lucena-Silva, N.restricted accessArticle
2009Mannose binding lectin gene polymorphisms and associated auto-immune diseases in type 1 diabetes Brazilian patientsAraujo, Jacqueline; Segat, Ludovica; Guimarães, Rafael L.; Brandão, Lucas A. C.; Souza, Paulo E. R.; Santos, Sérgio; Soares, Thereza S.; Falcão, Elcy A.; Rodrigues, Fernanda; Carvalho, Ronaldo; Lima-Filho, José Luiz de; Arraes, Luiz Claudio; Crovella, Sergiorestricted accessArticle
2009Larynx cancer mortality in the State of Pernambuco - Brazil - 2000-2004Pernambuco, Leandro de Araújo; Vilela, Mirella Bezerra Rodriguesrestricted accessArticle
2009Population-based multicentric survey of hepatitis B infection and risk factor differences among three regions in BrazilPereira, Leila M. M. B.; Martelli, Celina M. T.; Merchán-Hamann, Edgar; Montarroyos, Ulisses R.; Braga, Maria C.; Lima, Maria L. C. de; Cardoso, Maria R. A.; Turchi, Marília D.; Costa, Marcelo A.; Alencar, Luiz C. A. de; Moreira, Regina C.; Figueiredo, Gerusa M.; Ximenes, Ricardo A. A.restricted accessArticle
2009A socioenvironmental composite index as a tool for identifying urban areas at risk of lymphatic filariasisBonfim, C.; Netto, M. J. E.; Pedroza, D.; Portugal, J. L.; Medeiros, Z.restricted accessArticle
2009Oral health conditions among the elderly in Southeastern São Paulo StateMoreira, Rafael da Silveira; Nico, Lucélia Silva; Tomita, Nilce Emyopen accessArticle
2009Reliable classifier to differentiate primary and secondary acute dengue infection based on IgG ELISACordeiro, Marli Tenório; Braga-Neto, Ulisses; Nogueira, Rita Maria Ribeiro; Marques, Ernesto T. accessArticle
2009Cellular immune response profile in patients with American tegumentary leishmaniasis prior and post chemotherapy treatmentReis, Luiza C.; Brito, Maria Edilenza F.; Souza, Marina A.; Medeiros, Angela C. R.; Silva, Claudio J.; Luna, Carlos F.; Pereira, Valéria R. A.restricted accessArticle
2009Ectoparasite infestation on rural dogs in the municipality of São Vicente Férrer, Pernambuco, Northeastern BrazilDantas-Torres, Filipe; Melo, Marcela F.; Figueredo, Luciana A.; Brandão-Filho, Sinval accessArticle
2009Serum alanine aminotransferase levels, hematocrit rate and body weight correlations before and after hemodialysis sessionLopes, Edmundo Pessoa; Sette, Luis Henrique B. C.; Sette, Jorge Bezerra C.; Luna, Carlos F.; Andrade, Amaro M.; Moraes, Maviael; Sette, Paulo C. A.; Menezes, Roberto; Cavalcanti, Rui L.; Conceição, Sergio accessArticle