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2016Stairway to Heaven or Hell? Perspectives and Limitations of Chagas Disease ChemotherapySalomão, Kelly; Menna-Barreto, Rubem Figueiredo Sadok; Castro, Solange Lisboa derestricted accessArticle
2014Effect of 9-hydroxy-- and 7-hydroxy--pyran Naphthoquinones on Trypanosoma Cruzi and Structure-activity Relationship StudiesRocha, David R. da; Souza, Alessandra M. T.; Souza, Ana Carolina G. de; Castro, Helena C.; Rodrigues, Carlos R.; Menna-Barreto, Rubem F. S.; Castro, Solange L. de; Ferreira, Vitor F.restricted accessArticle
2017Antitrypanosomal Activity of Sterol 14α-Demethylase (CYP51) Inhibitors VNI and VFV in the Swiss Mouse Models of Chagas Disease Induced by the Trypanosoma cruzi Y StrainBatista, D. G. J.; Silva, C. F. da; Araújo, J. S. de; Pavão, B. P.; Silva, M. R. Simões; Batista, M. M.; Demarque, K. C.; Moreira, O. C.; Britto, C.; Lepesheva, G. I.; Soeiro, M. N. accessArticle
2014In vitro and in vivo activity of the chloroaryl-substituted imidazole viniconazole against Trypanosoma cruziSilva, Cristiane França da; Batista, Denise da Gama Jaen; Batista, Marcos Meuser; Lionel, Jessica; Hammer, Erica Ripoll; Brun, Reto; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré Correiaopen accessArticle
2014In vitro investigation of the efficacy of novel diamidines against Trypanosoma cruziTimm, Bruno Lisboa; Silva, Patrícia Bernardino da; Batista, M. M; Farahat, A. A; Kumar, A; Boykin, D. W; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré Correiarestricted accessArticle
2015Quimioterapia Experimental: Combinação do Alopurinol com o Benzonidazol, em Camundongos Infectados pela Cepa Y do Trypanosoma Cruzi, durante a Fase Aguda da Doença de ChagasPeleteiro, Gabriel Silva; Almeida, Marcio Cerqueira de; Silva, Amanda Catariny de Oliveira; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessPapers presented at events
2012Antiparasitical chemotherapy in Chagas' disease cardiomyopathy: current evidenceGuedes, Paulo Marcos Matta; Gutierrez, Fredy Roberto Salazar; Nascimento, Manuela Sales Lima; Matta, Maria Adelaide do Valle; Silva, João Santanarestricted accessArticle
2014Proteomic and Bioinformatic Analysis of Trypanosoma cruzi Chemotherapy and Potential Drug Targets: New Pieces for an Old PuzzleMenna-Barreto, Rubem Figueiredo Sadok; Belloze, Kele Teixeira; Perales, Jonas; Silva Jr., Floriano Paesrestricted accessArticle
2012New insights in Trypanosoma cruzi proteomic map: further posttranslational modifications and potential drug targets in Y strain epimastigotesBeghini, Daniela Gois; Ferreira, André Teixeira da Silva; Almeida, Vivian Corrêa de; Caminha, Marcelle Almeida; Silva Jr., Floriano Paes; Perales, Jonas; Menna-Barreto, Rubem Figueiredo Sadokopen accessArticle
2015Cruzipain: An Update on its Potential as Chemotherapy Target against the Human Pathogen Trypanosoma cruziBranquinha, M. H.; Oliveira, S. S. C.; Sangenito, L. S.; Sodré, C. l.; Kneipp, L. F.; d`Avila-Levy, Claudia M.; Santos, A. L. S.restricted accessArticle