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2015The main sceneries of Chagas disease transmission. The vectors, blood and oral transmissions - A comprehensive reviewCoura, José Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2015Antiparasitic effect in vitro, activity in a murine model of Chagas disease, and structural characterization in complex with the target enzyme CYP51 from Trypanosoma cruzi of the potent clinical candidate VT-1161Hoekstra, William J.; Hargrove, Tatiana Y,; Wawrzak, Zdzislaw; Batista, Denis D. G; Silva, Cristiane F. da; Nefertiti, Aline S. G.; Rachakonda, Girish; Schotzinger, Robert J.; Villalta, Fernando; Soeiro, Maria Nazaré C.; Lepesheva, Galina accessArticle
2015Different Therapeutic Outcomes of Benznidazole and VNI Treatments in Different Genders in Mouse Experimental Models of Trypanosoma cruzi InfectionSilva, F. H. Guedes da; Batista, D. G. J.; Silva, C. F. da; Meuser, M. B.; Silva, M. R. Simões; Araújo, J. S. de; Ferreira, C. G.; Moreira, O. C.; Britto, C.; Lepesheva, G. I.; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré accessArticle
2015Ecological diversity of Trypanosoma cruzi transmission in the Amazon basin. The main scenaries in the Brazilian AmazonCoura, J. R.; Junqueira, A. C. V.restricted accessArticle
2015Eco-epidemiological study of an endemic Chagas disease region in northern Colombia reveals the importance of Triatoma maculata (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), dogs and Didelphis marsupialis in Trypanosoma cruzi maintenanceCantillo-Barraza, Omar; Garcés, Edilson; Gómez-Palacio, Andrés; Cortés, Luis A.; Pereira, André; Marcet, Paula L.; Jansen, Ana M.; Triana-Chávez, Omaropen accessArticle
2015A novel ABCG-like transporter of Trypanosoma cruzi is involved in natural resistance to benznidazoleZingales, Bianca; Araujo, Rafael Gomes Aquino; Franco, Jaques; Aguiar, Pedro Henrique Nascimento; Nunes, Solange Lessa; Silva, Marcelo Nunes; Ienne, Susan; Machado, Carlos Renato; Brandão, Adeilton; Moreno, Margothopen accessArticle
2015Ensaios biológicos in vitro e in vivo de novos compostos sintéticos sobre infecção por Trypanosoma cruziAraújo, Julianna Siciliano derestricted accessDissertation
2015Chagas disease and housing improvement in northeastern Brazil: a cross-sectional surveyLima, Marli M.; Costa, Filipe A. Carvalho; Toma, Helena K.; Pereira, José Borges; Oliveira, Tiago Guedes de; Sarquis, Otíliarestricted accessArticle
2015Are Members of the Triatoma brasiliensis (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) Species Complex Able to Alter the Biology and Virulence of a Trypanosoma cruzi Strain?Costa, J.; Araújo, C. A. C.; Freitas, C. A. V.; Pereira, J. Borgesrestricted accessArticle
2015Cruzipain Activates Latent TGF-β from Host Cells during T. cruzi InvasionFerrão, Patrícia Mello; Levy, Claudia Masini d'Avila; Araujo-Jorge, Tania C.; Degrave, Wim Maurits; Gonçalves, Antônio da Silva; Garzoni, Luciana Ribeiro; Lima, Ana Paula; Feige, Jean Jacques; Bailly, Sabine; Lima, Leila Mendonça; Waghabi, Mariana Caldasopen accessArticle