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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2012Trypanosoma cruzi-induced depressive-like behavior is independent of meningoencephalitis but responsive to parasiticide and TNF-targeted therapeutic interventionsPereira, Glaucia Villar; Silva, Andrea Alice da; Pereira, Isabela Resende; Silva, Rafael Rodrigues; Moreira, Otacílio Cruz; Almeida, Luciana Rodrigues de; Souza, Amanda Santos de; Rocha, Monica Santos; Lannes-Vieira, Joselirestricted accessArticle
2012Oxidative stress fuels Trypanosoma cruzi infection in micePaiva, Claudia N.; Feijó, Daniel F.; Dutra, Fabianno F.; Carneiro, Vitor C.; Freitas, Guilherme B.; Alves, Letícia S.; Mesquita, Jacilene; Fortes, Guilherme B.; Figueiredo, Rodrigo T.; Souza, Heitor S. P.; Fantappié, Marcelo R.; Lannes-Vieira, Joseli; Bozza, Marcelo accessArticle
2014Severity of chronic experimental Chagas’ heart disease parallels tumour necrosis factor and nitric oxide levels in the serum: models of mild and severe diseasePereira, Isabela Resende; Vilar-Pereira, Glaucia Vilar; Silva, Andrea Alice da; Lannes-Vieira, Joseliopen accessArticle