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2014Anti-Trypanosoma cruzi Compounds: Our Contribution for the Evaluation and Insights on the Mode of Action of Naphthoquinones and DerivativesSilva Júnior, Eufrânio N. da; Jardim, Guilherme A. M.; Menna-Barreto, Rubem F. S.; Castro, Solange L. deopen accessArticle
2016Stairway to Heaven or Hell? Perspectives and Limitations of Chagas Disease ChemotherapySalomão, Kelly; Menna-Barreto, Rubem Figueiredo Sadok; Castro, Solange Lisboa derestricted accessArticle
2014Effect of 9-hydroxy-- and 7-hydroxy--pyran Naphthoquinones on Trypanosoma Cruzi and Structure-activity Relationship StudiesRocha, David R. da; Souza, Alessandra M. T.; Souza, Ana Carolina G. de; Castro, Helena C.; Rodrigues, Carlos R.; Menna-Barreto, Rubem F. S.; Castro, Solange L. de; Ferreira, Vitor F.restricted accessArticle
2016Effects of a novel β-lapachone derivative on Trypanosoma cruzi: Parasite death involving apoptosis, autophagy and necrosisAnjos, Danielle Oliveira dos; Alves, Eliomara Sousa Sobral; Gonçalves, Vinicius Tomaz; Fontes, Sheila Suarez; Nogueira, Mateus Lima; Fontes, Ana Márcia Suarez; Costa, João Batista Neves da; Santos, Fabricio Rios; Santos, Marcos André Vannier dosopen accessArticle
2017Clear Shot at Primary Aim: Susceptibility of Trypanosoma cruzi Organelles, Structures and Molecular Targets to Drug TreatmentMenna-Barreto, Rubem Fiqueiredo Sadok; Castro, Solange Lisboa derestricted accessArticle
2012On the search for potential anti-Trypanosoma cruzi drugs: synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-hydroxy-3-methylamino and 1,2,3-triazolic naphthoquinoidal compounds obtained by click chemistry reactionsSilva Júnior, Eufrânio N. da; Melo, Isadora M. M. de; Diogo, Emilay B. T.; Costa, Verenice A.; Souza Filho, José D. de; Valença, Wagner O.; Camara, Celso A.; Oliveira, Ronaldo N. de; Araujo, Alexandre S. de; Emery, Flávio S.; Santos, Marcelo R. dos; Simone, Carlos A. de; Menna-Barreto, Rubem F. S.; Castro, Solange L. derestricted accessArticle
2011The efficacy of novel arylimidamides against Trypanosoma cruzi in vitroSilva, Christiane França; Daliry, Anissa; Silva, Patrícia Bernardino da; Akay, Senol; Banerjee, Moloy; Farahat, Abdelbasset A.; Fisher, Mary K.; Hu, Laixing; Kumar, Arvind; Liu, Zongying; Stephens, Chad E.; Boykin, David W.; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré Correiarestricted accessArticle
2012A novel triazolic naphthofuranquinone induces autophagy in reservosomes and impairment of mitosis in Trypanosoma cruziFernandes, M. C.; Silva, E. N. da; Pinto, A. V.; Castro, S. L. de; Menna-Barreto, R. F. S.restricted accessArticle
2011Co(II), Mn(II) and Cu(II) complexes of fluoroquinolones: Synthesis, spectroscopical studies and biological evaluation against Trypanosoma cruziBatista, Denise da G.J.; Silva, Patrícia B. da; Stivanin, Luciene; Lachter, Daniela R.; Silva, Renata S.; Felcman, Judith; Louro, Sonia R. W.; Teixeira, Letícia R.; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré Correiarestricted accessArticle
2017Antitrypanosomal Activity of Sterol 14α-Demethylase (CYP51) Inhibitors VNI and VFV in the Swiss Mouse Models of Chagas Disease Induced by the Trypanosoma cruzi Y StrainBatista, D. G. J.; Silva, C. F. da; Araújo, J. S. de; Pavão, B. P.; Silva, M. R. Simões; Batista, M. M.; Demarque, K. C.; Moreira, O. C.; Britto, C.; Lepesheva, G. I.; Soeiro, M. N. accessArticle