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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2015The main sceneries of Chagas disease transmission. The vectors, blood and oral transmissions - A comprehensive reviewCoura, José Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2018Acute Chagas disease in the state of Pará, Amazon Region: is it increasing?Santos, Valéria Regina Cavalcante dos; Meis, Juliana de; Savino, Wilson; Andrade, Jorge Alberto Azevedo; Vieira, José Ricardo dos Santos; Coura, José Rodrigues; Junqueira, Angela Cristina Verissimoopen accessArticle
2013Clinical Follow-Up of Responses to Treatment with Benznidazol in Amazon: A Cohort Study of Acute Chagas DiseasePinto, Ana Yecê das Neves; Valente, Vera da Costa; Coura, José Rodrigues; Valente, Sebastião Aldo da Silva; Junqueira, Ana Cristina Veríssimo; Santos, Laura Cristina; Ferreira Jr., Alberto Gomes; Macedo, Roberto Cavalleiro deopen accessArticle
2014Ecoepidemiology, short history and control of Chagas disease in the endemic countries and the new challenge for non-endemic countriesCoura, José Rodrigues; Viñas, Pedro Albajar; Junqueira, Angela C. Vopen accessArticle
2013A serological, parasitological and clinical evaluation of untreated Chagas disease patients and those treated with benznidazole before and thirteen years after interventionAssis, Girley Francisco Machado de; Diniz, Gláucia Alessio; Montoya, Roberto Araújo; Dias, João Carlos Pinto; Coura, José Rodrigues; Coelho, George Luiz Lins Machado; Albajar-Viñas, Pedro; Torres, Rosália Morais; Lana, Marta deopen accessArticle
2016Prevalence of American Trypanosomiasis and leishmaniases in domestic dogs in a rural area of the municipality of São João do Piauí, Piauí State, Brazil.Perez, Taliha Dias; Figueiredo, Fabiano Borges; Velho Junior, Artur Augusto Mendes; Silva, Valmir Laurentino; Madeira, Maria de Fátima; Brazil, Reginaldo Peçanha; Coura, José Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2015Special issue on Chagas diseaseCoura, José Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2013Chagas disease-specific antigens: characterization of epitopes in CRA/FRA by synthetic peptide mapping and evaluation by ELISA-peptide assayBottino, Carolina G.; Gomes, Luciano P.; Pereira, José B.; Coura, José Rodrigues; Provance Jr., David William; De Simone, Salvatore Giovanniopen accessArticle
2013Chagas disease: control, elimination and eradication. Is it possible?Coura, José Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2013Outbreak of acute Chagas disease associated with oral transmission in the Rio Negro region, Brazilian AmazonLima, Rita de Cássia de Souza; Barbosa, Maria das Graças Vale; Coura, José Rodrigues; Arcanjo, Ana Ruth Lima; Nascimento, Adelaide da Silva; Ferreira, João Marcos Bemfica Barbosa; Magalhães, Laylah Kelre; Albuquerque, Bernardino Cláudio de; Araújo, Guilherme Alfredo Novelino; Guerra, Jorge Augusto de Oliveiraopen accessArticle