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2013Structural insights of SIR2rp3 proteins as promising biotargets to fight against Chagas disease and leishmaniasisSacconnay, Lionel; Smirlis, Despina; Queiroz, Emerson Ferreira; Wolfender, Jean-Luc; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereira; Carrupta, Pierre-Alain; Nurisso, Alessandraopen accessArticle
2010Clinical outcomes of thirteen patients with acute chagas disease acquired through oral transmission from two urban outbreaks in northeastern BrazilBastos, Claudilson José de Carvalho; Aras Junior, Roque; Mota, Gildo de Oliveira; Reis, Francisco; Dias, Juarez Pereira; Jesus, Robson Silva de; Freire, Miralba Silva; Araújo, Eline Gomes de; Prazeres, Juliana Moura Bastos; Grassi, Maria Fernanda Riosopen accessArticle
2011Chagasic thymic atrophy does not affect negative selection but results in the export of activated CD4+CD8+ T cells in severe forms of human diseaseMorrot, Alexandre; Granado, Eugênia Terra; Pérez, Ana Rosa; Barbosa, Suse Dayse Silva; Milićević, Novica M.; Oliveira, Désio Aurélio Farias de; Berbert, Luiz Ricardo; Meis, Juliana De; Takiya, Christina Maeda; Beloscar, Juan; Wang, Xiaoping; Kont, Vivian; Peterson, Pärt; Bottasso, Oscar; Savino, Wilsonopen accessArticle
2013Evaluation of CD4+CD25+ T lymphocyte response time kinetics in patients with chronic Chagas disease after in vitro stimulation with recombinant Trypanosoma cruzi antigensBraz, Suellen Carvalho de Moura; Lorena, Virginia Maria Barros de; Melo, Adriene Siqueira; Cavalcanti, Maria da Glória Aureliano Melo; Gomes, Yara de Mirandaopen accessArticle
2014Spatiotemporal analysis of reported cases of acute Chagas disease in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil, from 2002 to 2013Santos, Fred Luciano Neves; Lorena, Virginia Maria Barros de; Souza, Wayner Vieira de; Gomes, Yara de Mirandaopen accessArticle
2011Chagas disease in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil: analysis of admissions and mortality time seriesBraz, Suellen Carvalho de Moura; Melo, Myllena de Fátima Alheiros Dias; Lorena, Virginia Maria Barros de; Souza, Wayner Vieira de; Gomes, Yara de Mirandaopen accessArticle
2012Evaluation of results of association of the T.cruzi chemotherapic Benznidazole with others drugs (Nifurtimox, Cetoconazole) in the treatment of the experimental Chagas diseaseAlmeida, Marcio Cerqueira de; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessPapers presented at events
2011Immunoglobulin M antibodies against CRA and FRA recombinant antigens of Trypanosoma cruzi in chronic chagasic patientsVasconcelos, Romero H. T.; Azevedo, Elisa A. N.; Cavalcanti, Maria G. A. M.; Silva, Edimilson D.; Ferreira, Antonio G. P.; Morais, Clarice N. L.; Gomes, Yara M.restricted accessArticle
2012In vitro and in vivo evaluation of anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity of derivates of vitamin KCastro, Murilo Fagundes; Meira, Cássio Santana; Bastos, Tanira Matutino; Guimarães, Elisalva Teixeira; Macambira, Simone Garcia; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereiraopen accessPapers presented at events
2016New Perspectives for Therapeutic Intervention During the Chronic Phase of Trypanosoma Cruzi infectionMengel, Jose; Cardillo, Fabíolaopen accessArticle