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2017Prediction models for decision-making on chagas diseaseMendes, F. S. N. S.; Brasil, P. E. A. accessArticle
2017Institutional context and VCT practitioner narratives: possibilities and limitations for HIV prevention in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilMora, Claudia; Monteiro, Simone; Moreira, Carlos Otávio Fiúzaopen accessArticle
2017Combating mutations in genetic disease and drug resistance: understanding molecular mechanisms to guide drug designAlbanaz, Amanda Tábita da Silva; Rodrigues, Carlos Henrique Miranda; Pires, Douglas Eduardo Valente; Ascher, David B.restricted accessArticle
2017Angiossarcoma do couro cabeludo: relato de casoMartinez, Daniela de Abreu e Silva; Lyra, Marcelo Rosandiski; Cuzzi, Tullia; Macedo, Priscila Marques de; Lima, Ricardo Barbosa; Martins, Carlos Joséopen accessArticle
2017Systemic antibiotics for preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia in comatose patients: a systematic review and meta-analysisRighy, Cássia; Brasil, Pedro Emmanuel Americano do; Vallés, Jordi; Bozza, Fernando A.; Martin-Loeches, Ignacioopen accessArticle
2017Does a single bout of exercise influence subsequent physical activity and sedentary time in overweight boys?Paravidino, V. B.; Mediano, M. F. F.; Sichieri, R .restricted accessArticle
2017Accuracy of quantitative polymerase chain reaction in samples of frozen and paraffin-embedded healthy skin for the diagnosis of canine visceral leishmaniasisCampos, M. P.; Madeira, Maria de Fátima; Silva, D. A.; Solcà, Manuela da Silva; Espíndola, O. M.; Mendes Júnior, A. A. V.; Figueiredo, F. accessArticle
2017Post-cART progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy era in a Brazilian centerLima, Marco A.; Silva, Tulius T. Silva; Afonso, Livia A.; Vaz, Beatriz J. P.restricted accessArticle
2017Paracoccidioidomycosis after Highway Construction, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilValle, Antonio C. Francesconi do; Macedo, Priscila Marques de; Paes, Rodrigo de Almeida; Romão, Anselmo Rocha; Lazéra, Márcia dos Santos Lazéra; Wanke, Bodoopen accessArticle
2017Evidence of an association between neurological manifestations (microcephaly and GBS) and Zika virus infection: the usefulness of ecological studies with syndromic surveillance dataBrasil, Patrícia; Wakimoto, Mayumi D.; Brito, Carlosopen accessArticle