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2015A 9-valent HPV vaccine against infection and intraepithelial neoplasia in women.Joura, E.A; Giuliano, Anna R; Iversen, O.-E; Bouchard, C; Mao, C; Mehlsen, J; Moreira Júnior, Edson Duarte; Ngan, Y; Petersen, L.K; Lazcano‑Ponce, E; Pitisuttithum, P; Restrepo, J.A; Stuart, G; Woelber, L; Yang, Y.C; Cuzick, J; Garland, S.M; Huh, W; Kjaer, S.K; Bautista, O.M; Chan, I.S.F; Chen, J; Gesser, R; Moeller, E; Ritter, M; Vuocolo, S; Luxembourg, A; Broad Spectrum HPV Vaccine Studyopen accessArticle