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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2008Vaccination with the Leishmania major ribosomal proteins plus CpG oligodeoxynucleotides induces protection against experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis in miceIborra, Salvador; Parody, Nuria; Abánades, Daniel Ruiz; Bonay, Pedro; Prates, Deboraci Brito; Novais, Fernanda Oliveira; Barral Netto, Manoel; Alonso, Carlos; Soto, Manuelopen accessArticle
1999Indomethacin treatment slows disease progression and enhances a Th1 response in susceptible BALB/c mice infected with Leishmania major.Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues de; Mbow, M. Lamine; Estay, Monica; Bleyenberg, Julie A.; Titus, Richard accessArticle
2004Involvement of the chemokine RANTES (CCL5) in resistance to experimental infection with Leishmania major.Santiago, Helton da Costa; Oliveira, Carolina Ferreira; Santiago, Luciana; Ferraz, Fernanda Oliveira; Souza, Daniele da Glória de; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues de; Afonso, Luís Carlos Crocco; Teixeira, Mauro Martins; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostes; Vieira, Leda Quérciaopen accessArticle
2003Short report: requirement of b cells for delayed type hypersensitivity-like pathology after secondary infection with Leishmania major in resistant C57BL/6 miceDekrey, Gregory K; Jones, Jeremy J; Mbow, M. Lamine; Brodskyn, Claudia Ida; Titus, Richard Gopen accessArticle
2013Role of Toll-like receptor 9 signaling in experimental Leishmania braziliensis infection.Weinkopff, Tiffany; Mariotto, Anita; Simon, Gregoire; Torre, Yazmin Hauyon-La; Auderset, Floriane; Schuster, Steffen; Zangger, Haroun; Fasel, Nicolas; Barral, Aldina Maria Prado; Cottiera, Fabienne Tacchiniopen accessArticle