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2012First laboratory culture of Phortica variegata (Diptera, Steganinae), a vector of Thelazia callipaedaOtranto, Domenico; Cantacessi, Cinzia; Lia, Riccardo P.; Kadow, Ilona C. Grunwald; Purayil, Siju K.; Dantas-Torres, Filipe; Máca, Janrestricted accessArticle
2014Incidence of Cercopithifilaria bainae in dogs and probability of co-infection with other tick-borne pathogensRamos, Rafael Antonio Nascimento; Giannelli, Alessio; Lia, Riccardo Paolo; Brianti, Emanuele; Tarallo, Viviana Domenica; Breitshwerdt, Edward B.; Dantas-Torres, Filipe; Stanneck, Dorothee; Otranto, Domenicoopen accessArticle
2012Ticks and tick-borne diseases: a One Health perspectiveDantas-Torres, Filipe; Chomel, Bruno B.; Otranto, Domenicorestricted accessArticle
2012Canine leishmaniosis in the Old and New Worlds: unveiled similarities and differencesDantas-Torres, Filipe; Solano-Gallego, Laia; Baneth, Gad; Ribeiro, Vitor Marcio; Paiva-Cavalcanti, Milena de; Otranto, Domenicorestricted accessArticle
2015Toward the formation of a Companion Animal Parasite Council for the Tropics (CAPCT)Traub, Rebecca J.; Irwin, Peter; Dantas-Torres, Filipe; Tort, Gabriela Pérez; Labarthe, Norma Vollmer; Inpankaew, Tawin; Gatne, Mukulesh; Linh, Bui Khanh; Schwan, Volker; Watanabe, Malaika; Siebert, Susanne; Mencke, Norbert; Schaper, Rolandopen accessArticle
2015Transmission of the eyeworm Thelazia callipaeda: between fantasy and realityOtranto, Domenico; Dantas-Torres, Filipeopen accessArticle
2013Morphological and genetic diversity of Rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu lato from the New and Old WorldsDantas-Torres, Filipe; Latrofa, Maria Stefania; Annoscia, Giada; Giannelli, Alessio; Parisi, Antonio; Otranto, Domenicoopen accessArticle
2013Ecology of Lutzomyia longipalpis in an area of visceral leishmaniasis transmission in north-eastern BrazilCosta, Pietra Lemos; Dantas-Torres, Filipe; Silva, Fernando José da; Guimarães, Vanessa Cristina Fitipaldi Veloso; Gaudêncio, Kamila; Brandão-Filho, Sinval Pintoopen accessArticle
2014Dogs, cats, parasites, and humans in Brazil: opening the black boxDantas-Torres, Filipe; Otranto, Domenicoopen accessArticle
2014Simultaneous detection of the feline lungworms Troglostrongylus brevior and Aelurostrongylus abstrusus by a newly developed duplex-PCRAnnoscia, Giada; Latrofa, Maria Stefania; Campbell, Bronwyn Evelyn; Giannelli, Alessio; Ramos, Rafael Antonio Nascimento; Dantas-Torres, Filipe; Brianti, Emanuele; Otranto, Domenicorestricted accessArticle