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2010Patient-based dengue virus surveillance in Aedes aegypti from Recife, BrazilGuedes, D. R. D.; Cordeiro, M. T.; Melo-Santos, M. A. V.; Magalhaes, T.; Marques, E.; Regis, L.; Furtado, A. F.; Ayres, C. F. accessArticle
2018Chiluria in a lymphatic filariasis endemic areaAraújo, Paulo Sérgio Ramos de; Souza Junior, Valter Romão de; Souza, Anderson de; Barros Correia Fontes, Luciana de; Brandao, Eduardo; Rocha, Abrahamopen accessArticle
2002Population-based differences in Schistosoma mansoni- and hepatitis C-induced disease.Blanton, Ronald Edward; Salam, Ekram Abdel; Kariuki, H. Curtis; Magak, Philip; Silva, Luciano Kalabric; Muchiri, Eric M.; Thiongo, Fredrick; Meghid, Iman E.Abdel; Butterworth, Anthony E; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Ouma, John accessArticle
2018Development of an urban molecular xenomonitoring system for lymphatic filariasis in the Recife Metropolitan Region, BrazilRamesh, Anita; Cameron, Mary; Spence, Kirstin; Hoek Spaans, Remy; Melo-Santos, Maria A. V.; Paiva, Marcelo H. S.; Guedes, Duschinka R. D.; Barbosa, Rosangela M. R.; Oliveira, Claudia M. F.; Sá, André; Jeffries, Claire L.; Castanha, Priscila M. S.; Oliveira, Paula A. S.; Walker, Thomas; Alexander, Neal; Braga, Cynthiaopen accessArticle
2010Current epidemiological status of schistosomiasis in the state of Pernambuco, BrazilBarbosa, Constança Simões; Araújo, Karina Conceição; Sevilla, Manuel Alexander Amarista; Melo, Fabio; Gomes, Elainne Christine de Souza; Souza-Santos, Reinaldoopen accessArticle
2009Lymph scrotum: an unusual urological presentation of lymphatic filariasis. A case series studyAguiar-Santos, Ana Maria; Leal-Cruz, Marcela; Netto, Maria José; Carrera, Arturo; Lima, Guilherme; Rocha, Abrahamopen accessArticle
2009Comparison of tests for the detection of circulating filarial antigen (Og4C3-ELISA and AD12-ICT) and ultrasound in diagnosis of lymphatic filariasis in individuals with microfilariaeRocha, Abraham; Braga, Cynthia; Belém, Marcela; Carrera, Arturo; Aguiar-Santos, Ana; Oliveira, Paula; Texeira, Maria José; Furtado, Andréopen accessArticle
2015The relative contribution of immigration or local increase for persistence of urban schistosomiasis in Salvador, Bahia, BrazilBlanton, Ronald Edward; Barbosa, Lúcio Macedo; Reis, Eliana Almeida Gomes; Carmo, Theomira Mauadie de Azevedo; Santos, Cláudio R. A. dos; Costa, Jackson Mauricio Lopes; Aminu, Peace T; Blank, Walter A; Reis, Renato Barbosa; Guimarães, Isabel Cristina; Silva, Luciano Kalabric; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dosopen accessArticle
1980Epidemiological aspects of three Trypanosoma cruzi zymodemes in Bahia State, Brazil.Barrett, Toby Vincent; Hoff, R. H; Mott, Kenneth E; Miles, M. A; Godfrey, D. G; Teixeira, R; Souza, J. A. Almeida de; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújoopen accessArticle
2010A mechanism for chronic filarial hydrocele with implications for its surgical repairNorões, Joaquim; Dreyer, Gerusaopen accessArticle