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2014Undesirable Consequences of Insecticide Resistance following Aedes aegypti Control Activities Due to a Dengue OutbreakFreitas, Rafael Maciel de; Avendanho, Fernando Campos; Santos, Rosangela; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Araújo, Simone Costa; Lima, José Bento Pereira; Martins, Ademir Jesus; Coelho, Giovanni Evelim; Valle, Deniseopen accessArticle
2014Preliminary evaluation on the efficiency of the kit Platelia Dengue NS1 Ag-ELISA to detect dengue virus in dried Aedes aegypti: a potential tool to improve dengue surveillanceSylvestre, Gabriel; Gandini, Mariana; Araújo, Josélio M. G. de; Kubelka, Claire F; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Freitas, Rafael Maciel deopen accessArticle
2012Why do we need alternative tools to control mosquito-borne diseases in Latin America?Freitas, Rafael Maciel de; Aguiar, Raquel; Bruno, Rafaela V.; Guimarães, Maria Cristina Soares; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Sorgine, Marcos H. F.; Struchiner, Cláudio José; Valle, Denise; O’Neill, Scott L.; Moreira, Luciano accessArticle
2009Container productivity, daily survival rates and dispersal of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in a high income dengue epidemic neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro: presumed influence of differential urban structure on mosquito biologyDavid, Mariana Rocha; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Freitas, Rafael Maciel deopen accessArticle
2008Calculating the survival rate and estimated population density of gravid Aedes aegypti (Diptera, Culicidae) in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilFreitas, Rafael Maciel de; Eiras, Álvaro E.; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço deopen accessArticle
2013The use of the Premise Condition Index (PCI) to provide guidelines for Aedes aegypti surveysPeres, Roberto C.; Rego, Reginaldo; Freitas, Rafael Maciel derestricted accessArticle
2013The Influence of Dengue Virus Serotype-2 Infection on Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Motivation and Avidity to Blood FeedFreitas, Rafael Maciel de; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Gandini, Mariana; Koella, Jacob accessArticle
2013Modelling adult Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus survival at different temperatures in laboratory and field settingsBrady, Oliver J.; Johansson, Michael A.; Guerra, Carlos A.; Bhatt, Samir; Golding, Nick; Piggot, David M.; Delatte, Hélène; Grech, Marta G.; Leisnham, Paul T.; Freitas, Rafael Maciel de; Styer, Linda M.; Smith, David L.; Scott, Thomas W.; Gething, Peter W.; Hay, Simon accessArticle
2014She’s a femme fatale: low-density larval development produces good disease vectorsJuliano, Steven A.; Ribeiro, Gabriel Sylvestre; Freitas, Rafael Maciel de; Castro, Márcia G.; Codeço, Claudia; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Lounibos, L. Philipopen accessArticle
2016Effects of environment, dietary regime and ageing on the dengue vector microbiota: evidence of a core microbiota throughout Aedes aegypti lifespanDavid, Mariana Rocha; Santos, Lilha Maria Barbosa dos; Vicente, Ana Carolina Paulo; Freitas, Rafael Maciel deopen accessArticle