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2016Mosquito-Disseminated Insecticide for Citywide Vector Control and Its Potential to Block Arbovirus Epidemics: Entomological Observations and Modeling Results from Amazonian BrazilFranch, Fernando Abad; Zamora-Perea, Elvira; Luz, Sergio Luiz Bessaopen accessArticle
2017Larvicidal activity of Ottonia anisum metabolites against Aedes aegypti: A potential natural alternative source for mosquito vector control in BrazilMarques, André M.; Velozo, Leosvaldo S.; Carvalho, Michelle A.; Serdeiro, Michele T.; Honório, Nildimar A.; Kaplan, Maria Auxiliadora C.; Maleck, Mariseopen accessArticle
2009Variabilidade genética em populações de Aedes aegypti (Diptera:Culicidae)Cunha, Ivana Cristina Lopes daopen accessDissertation
2016RADIS: Comunicação e Saúde, número 166, julho-open accessPeriodical
2014Genetic Diversity of Brazilian Aedes aegypti: Patterns following an Eradication ProgramMonteiro, Fernando A.; Shama, Renata; Martins, Ademir J.; Gloria-Soria, Andrea; Brown, Julia E.; Powell, Jeffrey accessArticle
2014Discrepancies between Aedes aegypti identification in the field and in the laboratory after collection with a sticky trapMaciel-de-Freitas, Rafael; Lima, Arthur Weiss da Silva; Araújo, Simone Costa; Lima, José Bento Pereira; Galardo, Allan Kardec Ribeiro; Honório, Nildimar Alves; Braga, Ima Aparecida; Coelho, Giovanni Evelim; Codeço, Claudia Torres; Valle, Deniseopen accessArticle
2014Undesirable Consequences of Insecticide Resistance following Aedes aegypti Control Activities Due to a Dengue OutbreakFreitas, Rafael Maciel de; Avendanho, Fernando Campos; Santos, Rosangela; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Araújo, Simone Costa; Lima, José Bento Pereira; Martins, Ademir Jesus; Coelho, Giovanni Evelim; Valle, Deniseopen accessArticle
2010Assessing key safety concerns of a Wolbachia-based strategy to control dengue transmission by Aedes mosquitoesPopovici, Jean; Moreira, Luciano Andrade; Poinsignon, Anne; Iturbe-Ormaetxe, Inaki; McNaughton, Darlene; O'Neill, Scott accessArticle
2011Lower survival rate, longevity and fecundity of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) females orally challenged with dengue virus serotype 2Freitas, R. Maciel de; Koella, J. C.; Oliveira, R. Lourenço derestricted accessArticle
2009Dengue prevention at the household level: preliminary evaluation of a mesh cover for flowerpot saucersSchall, Virgínia Torres; Barros, Héliton da Silva; Jardim, João Bosco; Secundino, Nágila Francinete Costa; Pimenta, Paulo Filemon Paolucciopen accessArticle