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1998Interrelationship between adipocytes and fibroblasts during acute damage to the subcutaneous adipose tissue of rats: an ultrastructural study.Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Oliveira Filho, Jamary de; Fernandes, André L. Mopen accessArticle
1998Antagonistic action of IFN-beta and IFN-gamma on high affinity Fc gamma receptor expression in healthy controls and multiple sclerosis patientsVan Weyenbergh, Johan Jozef Rosa Maria; Lipinski, Pawel; Abadie, Annie; Chabas, Dorothé; Blank, Ulrich; Liblau, Roland; Wietzerbin, Juanaopen accessArticle
1990Action of colchicine on hepatic schistosomal granuloma.Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Medeiros, Maria Vilma P; Carmo, Theomira Mauadie de Azevedo; Guerret, Sylviane Stockeropen accessArticle
1998Role of the spleen on the pathogenesis of schistosomal periportal (pipestem) fibrosis of the liver: an experimental approach.Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Silva, Luciana Menezes da; Souza, Márcia Maria de; Sadigursky, Moysés; Barbosa Junior, Aryon de Almeida; Oliveira, Irismar Reis deopen accessArticle
1995HTLV-I associated tropical spastic paraparesis. Cerebral spinal fluid evolutive aspects in 128 cases.Carvalho, Otavio Augusto Moreno; Carvalho, Cristiana Maria Costa Nascimento; Castro Filho, Bernardo Galvãoopen accessArticle
1995Seroprevalence of HIV, HTLV-I/II and other perinatally-transmitted pathogens in Salvador, Bahia.Santos, Jairo Ivo dos; Lopes, Maria Aparecida de Araújo; Vasconcelos, Elizabeth Deliège; Fernandez, José Carlos Couto; Patel, Balmukund Niljay; Barreto, Maurício Lima; Ferreira Junior, Orlando da Costa Ferreira; Castro Filho, Bernardo Galvãoopen accessArticle
1998HTLV-I in Northeast Brazil: differences for male and female injecting drug users.Dourado, Inês; Andrade, Tarcísio; Castro Filho, Bernardo Galvãorestricted accessArticle
1992Evidence of preferential female prevalence of HTLV-I associated tropical spastic paraparesis in Bahia-BrazilCarvalho, Otavio Augusto Moreno; Santos, Jairo Ivo dos; Di Credico, G.; Castro Filho, Bernardo Galvãoopen accessArticle
1994Identification of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope genes recombinant between subtypes B and F in two epidemiologically linked individuals from Brazil.Sabino, Ester Cerdeira; Shpaer, Eugene G; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Korber, Bette T. M; Diaz, Ricardo Sobhie; Bongertz, Vera; Cavalcante, Solange; Castro Filho, Bernardo Galvão; Mullins, James I; Mayer, Allenopen accessArticle
1999Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: a toxic liver disease in industrial workers.Cotrim, Helma Pinchemel; Andrade, Zilton de Araújo; Paraná, Raymundo; Portugal, Marcelo; Lyra, Luiz Guilherme Costa; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues deopen accessArticle