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2014The HIV-Brazil cohort study: design, methods and participant characteristicsGranjeiro, Alexandre; Escuder, Maria Mercedes; Cassanote, Alex Jones Flores; Souza, Rosa Alencar; Kalichman, Artur Olhovetchi; Veloso, Valdiléa; Ikeda, Maria Letícia Rodrigues; Barcellos, Nêmora Tregnago; Brites, Carlos; Tupinanbás, Unai; Lucena, Noaldo Oliveira de; Silva, Carlos Lima da; Lacerda, Heloisa Ramos; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Castilho, Euclides Ayres deopen accessArticle
2014Pharmacokinetics of rifampin and isoniazid in tuberculosis-HIV-coinfected patients receiving nevirapine- or efavirenz-based antiretroviral treatmentBhatt, Nilesh Balbhadra; Barau, Caroline; Amin, Alexandre; Baudin, Elisabeth; Meggi, Bindiya; Silva, Carlota; Furlan, Valerie; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Tran, Aurelie Barrail; Bonnet, Maryline; Taburet, Anne Marieopen accessArticle
2014HIV prevention in clinical care settings 2014 recommendations of the international antiviral society– USA panelMarrazzo, Jeanne M.; Del Rio, Carlos; Holtgrave, David R.; Cohen, Myron S.; Kalichman, Seth C.; Mayer, Kenneth H.; Montaner, Julio S. G.; Wheeler, Darrell P.; Grant, Robert M.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran; Shoptaw, Steven; Walensky, Rochelle P.; Dabis, Francois; Sugarman, Jeremy; Benson, Constance A.restricted accessArticle
2014The opposites attract study of viral load, hiv treatment and HIV transmission in serodiscordant homosexual male couples: design and methodsBavinton, Benjamin R.; Jin, Fengyi; Prestage, Garrett; Zablotska, Iryna; Koelsch, Kersten K.; Phanuphak, Nittaya; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Cooper, David A.; Fairley, Christopher; Kelleher, Anthony; Triffitt, Kathy; Grulich, Andrew accessArticle
2014Continuous increase of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and non-HIV related cancers as causes of death in HIV-infected individuals in Brazil: an analysis of nationwide dataPaula, Adelzon Assis de; Schechter, Mauro; Tuboi, Suely Hiromi; José Claudio, Faulhaber; Luz, Paula Mendes; Santos, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos; Moreira, Ronaldo Ismério; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Harrison, Lee H.; Pacheco, Antonio Guilherme Fonsecaopen accessArticle
2014Telaprevir combination therapy in HCV/HIV co-infected patients (insight study): sustained virologic response at 12 weeks final analysisMontes, Marisa; Mark, Nelson; Marie Girard, Pierre; Sasadeusz, Joe; Horban, Andrzej; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Zakharova, Natalia; Rivero, Antonio; Lathouwers, Erkki; Janssen, Katrien; Ouwerkerk Mahadevan, Sivi; Witek, Jamesopen accessArticle
2014Cascade of access to interventions to prevent HIV mother to child transmission in the metropolitan area of Rio deJaneiro, BrazilAraujo, Elaine da Silva Pires; Friedman, Ruth Khalili; Camacho, Luis Antonio Bastos; Derrico, Monica; Moreira, Ronaldo Ismério; Calvet, Guilherme Amaral; Oliveira, Marília Santini de; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Pilotto, José Henrique; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhornopen accessArticle
2014Incidence rate of modifying or discontinuing first combined antiretroviral therapy regimen due to toxicity during the first year of treatment stratified by ageTorres, Thiago Silva; Cardoso, Sandra Wagner; Velasque, Luciane de Souza; Santos, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhornopen accessArticle
2014Outcomes of second-line combination antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected patients: a cohort study from Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCardoso, Sandra Wagner; Luz, Paula Mendes; Velasque, Luciane de Souza; Torres, Thiago Silva; Tavares, Isabel Cristina Ferreira; Ribeiro, Sayonara Rocha; Moreira, Ronaldo Ismério; Santos, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos; Moore, Richard D.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhornopen accessArticle
2014Factors associated with tobacco smoking and cessation among HIV-infected individuals under care in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilTorres, Thiago Silva; Luz, Paula Mendes; Pedrosa, Mônica Derrico; Velasque, Luciane de Souza; Grinsztejn, Eduarda; Santos, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos; Cardoso, Sandra Wagner; Oliveira, Marília Santini de; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; De Boni, Raquel Brandiniopen accessArticle