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1974Fauna Triatominae do Estado da Bahia, Brasil VI — Prevalência geográfica da infecção dos triatomíneos por T. CruziSherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Serafim, Elizete Mopen accessArticle
1982A three-year follow-up study of infection with Trypanosoma cruzi and electrocardiographic abnormalities in a rural community in Northeast BrazilMaguire, James H.; Mott, Kenneth E.; Hoff, Rodney; Guimarães, Armenio; Franca, José T.; Souza, José Antonio Almeida de; Ramos, Nilson Borges; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújorestricted accessArticle
1998List of natural and experimental flagellate infections in several Triatominae species.Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Carcavallo, Rodolfo U; Girón, Itamar Galíndezrestricted accessBook chapter
1973Diferença de susceptibilidade a infecção com T. Cruzi entre espécies de Triatomíneos alimentados em cão, tatu e camundongo infectados.Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Almeida, Saulo Popen accessArticle
1982Comparison of filtration staining (Bell) and thick smear (Kato) for the detection and quantitation of Schistosoma mansoni eggs in faecesSleigh, Adrian; Hoff, Rodney; Morr, Kenneth; Barreto, Maurício Lima; Paiva, Tereza Maisk de; Pedrosa, José de Souza; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújoopen accessArticle
1978Trypanosoma cruzi infection in dogs and cats and household seroactivity to T. Cruzi in a rual community in Northeast BrazilMott, Kenneth E; Mota, Eduardo A; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Hoff, Rodney; Muniz, Tacito M; Oliveira, Tome S; Draper, C. Copen accessArticle
1969Observações sobre Calazar em Jacobina, Bahia - II - Leishmaniose Canina.Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Almeida, Saulo Popen accessArticle
1967Nasal granuloma caused by Entomophthora CoronataAndrade, Zilton de Araújo; Paula, Luiza Araújo; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Cheever, Allen Wrestricted accessArticle
1985Association between household triatomine density and incidence of Trypanosoma Cruzi infection during a nine-year study in Castro Alves, Bahia, BrazilPiesman, Joseph; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Mota, Eduardo; Todd, Charles W.; Hoff, Rodney; Weller, Thomas H.restricted accessArticle
1985Trypanosoma cruzi: association between seroreactivity of children and infection rates in domestic Panstrongylus Megistus (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)Piesman, Joseph; Mota, Eduardo; Sherlock, Ítalo Rodrigues de Araújo; Todd, Charles Wrestricted accessArticle